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Here at Search Techniques, we specialise in random search solutions to stop your employees walking out the door with valuable company property.

Our random search selection includes:

  • Selector II
  • Selector fixed ratio selector
  • Metal detectors
  • Spot-checker

Loss Prevention in the Workplace

We are experts in loss prevention in the workplace to reduce stock loses, at minimum cost and with minimum inconvenience.

Our loss prevention in the workplace solutions are easy to operate, sustainable and protects the best interest of your company and employees. Our systems take a random selection of personnel leaving your building to be checked to make sure they are not removing company property.

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Loss Prevention in the Workplace

Metal Detectors

We supply a vast range of metal detectors suitable for quick, effective and contact free searches of your personnel, bags or small packages.

Our metal detectors are fully tested and approved. They instantly respond to all metals with an audio/visual or vibration alert, perfect for use in noisy environments. All models are supplied with a 2 year warranty.

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Metal Detectors
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