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Please Visit Us at for your next opportunity is a UK based job board designed and marketed to attract candidates who are Security Cleared or who meet the Security Clearance criteria and are looking for Permanent and Contract opportunities across a wide range of industry sectors.

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We have an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment process gained by years or experience within the recruitment industry. We understand a candidate’s requirement in searching for their next job opportunity. We can assist employers and recruiters and reduce the time and cost involved in attracting the best individuals within a market place suffering from skills shortages.

Security Clearance is not only required for military or government posts. Increasingly companies from all industry sectors including aviation, construction, energy, engineering, finance, IT and security are competing to hire quality employees and consultants with Security Clearance.

By advertising job requirements with us an employer can gain access to and attract candidates who are actively looking for their next Permanent or Contract assignment and who meet their recruitment criteria.

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How to Be Security Cleared

What is Security Clearance?

National Security Vetting is carried out so that people can work or carry out tasks, which in the course of doing so, requires national security clearance. Government organisations including the Ministry of Defence, Central Government, Defence Estates and the Armed Forces require Security Cleared personnel as well as Companies in the private sector contracted to undertake work for these bodies. Security Clearance levels vary depending upon the sensitivity of the information that is accessed.

The main Security Clearing bodies are:

The Defence Vetting Agency (DVA)
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

How to obtain Security Clearance

You cannot apply for Security Clearance as an individual. Clearance is requested by an employer and carried out by Government agencies. Security Clearance is granted for a specific period of time depending on the employment term or for a particular project.

Security Clearance can be verified and transferred to a new employer if required. If you do not have the Security Clearance required for a particular role you would not be able to start your employment until clearance has been obtained.

You do not have to be a British National in order to gain Security Clearance, but you will have to meet the following criteria depending on the level of clearance required.

There are four main types of national security vetting and clearances:

  • Developed Vetting (DV)
  • Security Check (SC)
  • Counter Terrorist Check (CTC)
  • Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)

Other Security checks and clearances:

  • NATO
  • MPS Vetted
  • SIA
  • Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)
  • Enhanced CRB

Nuclear Jobs is part of the Group. We are a UK job board designed for individuals working across many industry sectors. Due to our experience of recruitment in the Security Clearance sector, we believe we are ideally placed to assist candidates in securing their next career opportunity within the nuclear sector.

The Nuclear Industry
Nuclear power is needed to help meet two energy challenges, to provide a secure and affordable supply of energy at a time of global instability and also to tackle the ever increasing issues of climate change.

Nuclear Power stations currently provide approximately 19% of the UK’s electricity, but most of the country’s stations are due to come out of service within the next 15 years. Even with renewable energy programmes that are running, there is still a huge demand for Nuclear power and therefore the go ahead has been given to increase the number of reactors.

With the building of new plants and the decommissioning of old sites this will be a growth sector over the next decade. The sites currently in operation are Dounreay, Hunterston A, Sellafield, Calder Hall, Windscale, LLW Repository, Wylfa, Trawsfynydd, Capenhurst, Berkeley, Oldbury, Hinckley Point A, Winfrith, Harwell, Chapelcross, Springfields, Sizewell A, Bradwell, Dungeness A, Culham Science Centre.

Security Clearance within the nuclear industry
Due to severity of the threat that could come from a nuclear incident, all employees that work or contract within the power plants are security vetted to safeguard the industry. There are a number of industry organisations including BNFL, The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), The Nuclear Industry Association and The World Nuclear Association.

The Office for Civil Nuclear Security (OCNS) carries out the security checks, which are similar to those carried out by the MOD and are usually either:

DV - Developed Vetting
SC - Security Check
CTC - Counter Terrorist Check
BPSS - Baseline Personnel Security Standard
Over the coming years, recruitment within this sector will increase dramatically to accommodate the growth within the industry and the need for Security Cleared candidates will naturally increase.
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