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For over 15 years, Security Fasteners and Fixings (UK) have designed and manufactured security fasteners for makers of high security fencing, pedestrian railings, security grills, parapet, and children's playgrounds. In addition to industry standard secure fasteners (shear nuts, saddle bolts, 'T' bolts, Pin Hex screws, Pin Torx screws).

Additionally, Security Fasteners and Fixings (UK) specialise in:

  • security screws
  • special security screws
  • secure fasteners
  • security bolts
  • security nuts
  • tamper-proof screws
  • tamper-proof nuts
  • tamper-proof bolts
  • tamper-proof security fixings
  • security fasteners

Argus Security Screw

The Argus is a one-way security screw that is virtually impossible to remove. It has a high torque application-maximum clamping load, and requires an Inexpensive ¼ hex insert bit for tooling. The Argus security screw has a high-corrosion resistant finish and is case hardened steel. It is chisel, drill, and saw resistant.   The Argus machine screws from stock include:
  • M8X40
  • M8X50
  • M8X80
  • M8X100
  • M10X80
  • M10X100
  • M8X35 (self-threading) 
  • M8X45 (self-threading)
Argus Security Screw

Fourtress Tamper Resistant Security Screw

We designed the Fourtress security screw to be a unique tamper-resistant drive screw. The Fourtress has features including:
  • Only removed and inserted with a specially made and registered bit
  • 50mm long drive bit fits directly into drill chuck
  • Hardened steel with high corrosion resistance
  • Resists drill/saw chisel attack
Fourtress Tamper Resistant Security Screw

Security Construction Fixings

Our security construction fixings are:

  • Unique tamper resistant recess-special tool required
  • High screw corrosion protection - 840hrs salt-spray
  • Hardened steel to combat drill/saw/chisel attack
  • Ideal for-security grills, machine fixtures and guards, hand and guard rails

Please visit our website for more information on our security construction fixings.

Security Construction Fixings

Powerdrive Thread Forming Security Screw

Our Powerdrive thread forming security screws are self-threading for rapid installation. They provide maximum resistance to vibration making them suitable for applications including:

  • Box section-angle iron RSJ's
  • Cladding all types of weldmesh and expanded metal to steel frames.

The Powerdrive thread forming security screws reduces labour costs dramatically, eliminates the need for nut inserts and shear nuts, and requires no special tools.

Powerdrive Thread Forming Security Screw

Tamper Drive

Features of our tamper drive system include:

  • Low profile tamper resistant underhead drive – virtually invisible once in-situ
  • Unique driving tool – not universally available unlike many security drives
  • Self drilling screws – for rapid installation into steel up to 14mm thickness
  • Available complete with EPDM bonded washers
  • Powder coated head in any colour to order
  • Stainless steel available in certain sizes
Tamper Drive
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