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Here at Security in Motion, we specialise in IT security solutions. We work with organisations who wish to get to grips with their network security using a holistic approach. As many networks support a number of different systems, our IT security solutions ensure we strengthen your network security and support the growth of your organisation.

E-Mail Security

We understand how email security is vital to any business as part of an organisations' day-to-day activities. Our email security solutions cover storage, policy enforcement, archiving, auditing, anti-spam and data recovery.

We break email services down into a range of components including:

  • Mail flow
  • Storage
  • User access  

Anti-Virus Software

We offer anti-virus software support to detect, prevent and remove malware. Our anti-virus software is also used to protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware.

IT Outsourcing

We provide comprehensive IT outsourcing support services to corporations, retail customers, educational establishments and local government. Our IT outsourcing offers a variety of agreements from the basic break/fix contract all the way to a fully managed service agreement.

Cloud Architecture

We provide ingenious cloud architecture involving the aggregation of IT resource away from the local user towards a private and dedicated cloud environment. Our cloud architecture ensures information is held securely within a data centre and accessed through the Internet.

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