We have 12 years experience and specialize in the rapid production & shipping, of all types of Asset Tags and Security Seals, barcoded, tamper evident , or any other fixed asset labels, with / without logos and custom text. Producing barcoded labels in various formats to meet all your labelling requirements.

Our standard labels are produced at the most affordable prices in the market, available in two common sizes of 19mm x 47mm or 12.5mm x 25mm. NB: For barcode labels, 12.5mm in height is as small we recommend. However we can custom cut labels of virtually any size depending on your requirements.

We also aim to provide our customers with the very best personal service we possibly can.


Asset Labels

Asset labels currently are one of the best solutions for the tracking and identifying of assets in all work places, from universities and schools, large multi-national businesses to small local offices. These days it is essential that all assets can easily be identified.

Using a label with a unique identifier (barcode) or serial number which when added into database, enables any information to be logged which relates to that particular asset, this could include purchase price, purchase date, calibration, items location, servicing or maintenance details.

Our stock Asset Labels come in 2 Sizes (47mm x 19mm or 25mm x 12.5mm) and 4 Materials, PolyAsset, PolyBreak, PolyCheck and PolyVoid. For more details click here

Security Labels

Our Security Labels or Security Seals are available in two sizes and three types of tamper evident label material security labels- (Used mainly for seals). Ideal for use as product authentication labels or for warranty void protection labels. Each security label material has slightly different qualities and can be used on variety of surfaces.

Hologram Labels

The most critical part of brand protection is outright counterfeiting of products. Often customers often get deceived into buying products which they believe are genuine. has developed specialized hologram products to tackle issue. It is the primary aim of our company to continually strive to develop the best anti-counterfeit solutions & help to eradicate the counterfeited goods.
We supply either custom designed hologram labels or “stock” off the shelf hologram labels, all at amazing low prices. All our products have tamper evident features at no additional cost.

Tamper Seals

Security seals / Security labels work in two different ways. The first way is when any attempt is made to lift them and gain entry they will fragment. The second way is that the security seal will leave behind (on the label surface) a distinctive pattern if it is lifted, even when it is replaced where lifted.

Barcode Labels

We specialize in rapid production of barcode (or bar code) and asset labels and many other permanent asset tags with custom text, layouts and logos. To speed approve and the resulting turnaround time, we will e-mail graphic layout proofs of your asset labels.

Property Marking

Permanent property marking of equipment, computers and monitors dramatically reduces theft and the value of the item to a potential thief! By needing to grind or sand off the Asset Brand permanent mark(s) will not make it easy to re-sell these units.

Asset Brander is PTC regulated and automatically sets the temperature to permanent brand into the plastic casing of IT equipment etc. The tool has a custom made one-inch die for the personalized marking of your property. This die may have the company’s initial or name and message such as “Stolen from” or “Property of”. A postal code or a telephone number may also be included and would help in the recovery of lost or stolen equipment.

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