SENTAI is a global distributor of electronic components and device, Your ultimate Components Search for Capacitors, ICs, Obsolete & hard-to-find Parts. We have more specialized inventory with a wide variety of selection than anyone in the business – from Integrated Circuits and Embedded Processor & Controller, discrete semiconductors, to capacitors, resistors, and sensors. And now we prepare for a moving target With lead-times increasing, counterfeiting is set to rise. when you need to source components quickly because of allocation, long lead times, obsolescence or quality issues, please contact SENTAI for a fast response to your requirements and a promise on-time delivery. Since 2004, SENTAI has catered to hundreds of to OEM, CEM, and MRO clients’ obsolete, shortage and spot-buy requirements.

When you choose to work with SENTAI, you will benefit from our following 7 commitments

  1. Extensive Stocked Parts up to 50762 line items with Price Match.
  2. Prompt response to your Request for Quote(RFQs)
  3. Counterfeit Avoidance.
  4. On-Time Delivery.
  5. One Year Quality Guarantee.
  6. Global sourcing and Competitive Pricing for Obsolete and hard-to-find parts.
  7. Price Match
When you choose to work with SENTAI, you will benefit from our following 7 commitments

We are offering full line card of electronic components and device

  1. Discrete Semiconductors: Diode & Rectifier, Thyristor, Transistor, Discrete Semiconductor Modules.
  2. Memory Chip: DRAM,EEPROM,Emmc,EPROM,Programmable read-only memory,FIFO Memory,Memory-Controllers,Flash Memory,NVRAM,SRAM.
  3. Embedded Processor & Embedded Controller:Complex-Programmable-Logic-Devices,CPU - Central Processing Unit,DSP & DSC,EEPLD,FPGA-Configuration-Memory,FPGA,MCU,Microprocessors - MPU,RF System on a Chip,SPLD,
  4. Integrated Circuits:Switch,Multimedia,Audio,RF Integrated Circuits,Security ICs / Authentication,Communication & Networking,Counter,Equalizers, Interface,Programmable Logic,Logic IC,Power Management,Clock & Timer,Active-Filter,Driver,Digital Potentiometer,Amplifier,Data Converter and Optocouplers / Photocouplers.
  5. Passive Component: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor,  Mica Capacitor,Safety-Capacitors,MLCC,Silicon Capacitor,Supercapacitor/Ultracapacitor,Ceramic Capacitor,Tantalum Capacitor,Polymer-Capacitors;SMD-Resistors-Chip-Resistors,Metal Oxide Resistor,Variable Resistors,Film-Resistors,Wirewound Resistor,High-Frequency-RF-Resistors;Inductor;Varistor;Ferrite-Beads;Crystals.
  6. Sensor

Our strong line cards are including ADI, Intel, TI, Maxim, IDT, ROHM, Microchip, Renesas, Infineon, TOSHIBA, TDK-EPCOS, SAMSUNG, Murata, AVX, Vishay, Kemet, Panasonic, United Chemi-Con.

Upload B.O.M. and RFQ online

Upload B.O.M.
you can use our online-link to upload your bill of materials (BOM) to Sentai. Supported formats include xls, xlsx. Once uploaded, your BOM will be routed to a  sales representative for immediate follow-up.

Please send RFQ online and get in touch  with our sales.

Upload B.O.M. and RFQ online

Excess Inventory Management

SENTAI has a team that is dedicated to solving problems related to your excess, end-of-life, and slow-moving electronic component inventories. We purchase and manage stock that has been identified for disposition. The special service that we provide helps free much-needed warehouse space, turn unwanted components into cash and helps introduce new revenue into existing businesses.

Over the years, our in-house team has worked with countless companies across the world, including semiconductor manufacturers, continental component distributors and a variety of OEMs and CEMs.

You can speak to our purchasing rep and send over a newly stock list by email at

 Excess Inventory Management

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