Sens-Tech Ltd


Sens-Tech Ltd is an established UK company which, over five decades, has pioneered the development and manufacture of high sensitivity solutions for the detection of light and X-rays.

The company has a long history, originally formed as part of EMI, then taken over by THORN and finally acquired by the Directors in 1994. In 2007 the business was renamed Sens-Tech to reflect the development of the business from a component supplier into a highly focussed supplier of sensor systems, offering state-of-the-art sensor technologies. 

Sens-Tech works in collaboration with

  • X-ray security systems designers to find solutions for the acquisition of data from large numbers of X-ray sensors
  • process control companies to supply X-ray detectors for process optimisation and detection of foreign objects
  • instrument designers to find solutions to the demanding applications for low light detection
  • high energy physicists to provide multiple channel high voltage power supply systems
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