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HOTweezers  represent the state of the art in the design and construction of thermal wire strippers.

Hotweezers thermal wire strippers weigh less than 57g including cable and connector, making it an ideal hand-held solution with smooth and efficient operation. The heater filaments are completely sealed in the stripping head of a Hotweezers thermal wire stripper device enhancing its performance consistently.

Advantages of using HOTweezers:

1. The filament is resistant to oxidation.

2. The stripping head will not distort nor lose alignment as is the case with ordinary hot wire strippers.

3. Since the filaments are enclosed, a greater portion of the heat generated is retained to do useful work. Consequently the power supply can be much smaller than usual, and the current consumption is drastically reduced. The M-10 power supply consumes a mere 20 watts at the highest temperature setting.

4. Wire holes can be ground into the stripping head without damage to the filaments. With wire holes, the rotation of the stripper required to accomplish a strip is reduced from 180o to 15o and mashing of conductors, especially the finer gauges, is completely eliminated.

5. Because the filaments are an integral part of the stripper body, no maintenance is required.

Three different models of the HOTweezers are available to satisfy most stripping requirements. For precise insulation removal Models 4A and 4B have stripping holes to yield a clean, even strip free of insulation "tails" and to prevent mashing of the conductor strands. Model 4C is designed for use on cable jackets and larger diameter conductors. Maximum cable or conductor O.D. that can be stripped is 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) and maximum insulation wall thickness is .05 inch (1.27 mm). For stripping requirements that exceed these dimensions the HOTnife can be used. All models have the new strip length gauge so that repetitive stripping operations can be done accurately. The gauge is easy to adjust without a screwdriver or special tools. The standard power cord for all three models is a flexible, lightweight cable with a high temperature silicone rubber jacket that resists burns.

If you have a requirement that may require a special model, please contact us directly.

Image shows tweezer with power supply.

Electric Screwdrivers

We are proud to be the official UK Distributor for Sumake Industrial and stock their full range of both Electric screwdrivers  and Air screwdrivers which offers a huge choice of designs suitable for most assembly requirements. To complement this range of electric and air screwdrivers we also stock many useful accessories including:

  • Torque arms
  • Spring balances
  • Torque testing meters
  • Screw dispensers

We now offer many choices in electric screwdrivers, with a range of models featuring a brushless motor for prolonged durability or a further range with external motor brushes for ease of maintenance. In addition to a variety of different options for the screwdriver gun, we can now offer a choice of options for the power supply also including a useful screw counter function.  Both the brushless and external brush ranges offer various models with different torrque and screw capacities to suit your assembly requirements with the smaller models delivering a torque of 0.02 Nm up to larger models at 18Nm (the powerful torque range). These are available as push to start or lever start designs with various speed options and features such as built in screw counter etc.

We have also just introduced a brand new range of Cordless Electric Screwdrivers with Lithium Ion Battery, this screwdriver delivers a high accuracy torque and long lasting motor life cycle. All models in this range require reduced counterforce due to a special mechanical structure and this improves operator safety and reduces occupational repetitive strain.
Special Features:
Power Save Mode: If the screwdriver is idle for 3 seconds, it turns to power save mode automatically to conserve energy.
Elevation angle of 10° increases balance for more comfortable operation.
One handed operation and LED light for working in dark areas.
High and low speed adjustment.
Cooling holes to accelerate temperature reduction.
Various Flash Indications; shut-off, charge required, power cut off.
Ergonomic features including driver hook, wrist strap and waist hook.

Changeable torque rings to visibly signify set torque.
The cordless range is supplied in 4 types - Small (upto 12Nm), Medium (upto 22Nm), Three-Step Speed (upto 12Nm) and Impact Version (upto 250Nm).  Various different charger options and batteries are also available.

To compliment our screwdrivers we can also provide a choice of telescopic arms which are ideal for using on the assembly line where space is at a premium and necessary for operator safety. The arm collapses like a telescope and provides smooth operation and movement and increased accuracy throughout the operation.

New - Electric Screwdriver with Digital Counter - The latest electric screwdriver features an LED Counter built in which is easy to operate so the user can set up the counter according to the needs of the work process. The screwdriver will effectively control the number of screw fastenings and operation quality and the automatic learn facility can also calculate the complete fastening time from start to end of the fastening cycle. It is also possible to connect to a PLC if required.  Other features include an easily adjustable external torque control, comfortable soft resin ergonomic non-slip design, high level of accuracy and a choice of either lever or push start design.

This wide choice is also reflected in our Air range, again withpush to start or lever operated models available and also an angled head for applications where access is difficult.  We are proud to announce that we have also introduced a new oil free air screwdrivers, again available in various torque sizes from 0.22Nm to 28 Nm.  The oil free range offers a screwdriver with less noise, a reduced counter force, energy saving due to reduced air consumption and a high qualtiy motor.  It meets ISO5393 & VDI-2647 standards.

Electric Screwdrivers

Wire Processing Machinery - KS Automatic Cut and Strip Machines

Introducing our brand new range of KS Wire Cut and Strip Machines, these superb, great value machines offer all the functionality of the market leader brands  but at a fraction of the cost and without compromising on reliability or accuracy.  Features include easy to program software via a clear menu driven display, fast set up with no need to change tooling other than the guide tube when processing different wire sizes and storage of up to 99 different programs.  All of the wire processing machines in this range offer a middle strip facility and fast operation achieving up to 7000 pieces per hour (depending on length).

There are a variety of models to choose from, the entry level KS-09C for small wire up to 4.5mm outer diameter (12 ~ 32 AWG), for larger wires up to 7.2mm outer diameter (7 ~ 32 AWG) we offer the KS-09H and if you also require a twist function, the KS-09W includes this capability (for wire sizes 12 ~ 32 AWG).  This range also includes a coaxial cut and strip model - the KS-09I able to strip up to 3 layers (3 steps) from 0.1 up to 10mm² with the same easy menu driven programming system, speed and functionality of the other machines in this range.

All of these machines are offered with a full one year back to base warranty, wire straightener, range of guide tubes and high quality tungsten steel blades. Urethane rollers are also available if required. A video demonstration of this range is available to view on our website and youtube channel, alternatively why not arrange a visit to our demonstration facility.

Wire Processing Machinery - KS Automatic Cut and Strip Machines

Wire Processing Machinery - Wire Stripping Machines

We can offer an excellent range of wire stripping machines all designed to perform to the highest standards for small and larger cables. Our range of wire stripping machines includes the following:

  • DPF1000 - Strip and twsit machine for wire up to 5.2 mm outer diameter
  • FE-400 Strip Box - precision stripping for wire up to 4.2mm outer diameter
  • Carpenter machines - for single wires and coax
  • Lever Outer Jacket Stripper - CS2000 - removing outer insulation up to 30.5mm OD
  • Simplomat Pneumatic Outer Jacket stripper - suitable for very large heavy duty cables up to 34mm OD with a 1000mm long strip
  • MultiCore Stripper - the Model D2, a unique hand operated machine able to strip the outer jacket and inner cores in one simple operation
  • Various Coax Stripping Machines - often excellent second user machines are available e.g. Schleuniger 207, MP257
  • Collection of Hand Tools for wire stripping

We offer a range of second user wire stripping machines to suit all applications and budgets.  All serviced and checked prior to sale with full after sales servicing available.

Wire Processing Machinery - Wire Stripping Machines

Motorised Wire Prefeeder

At Series 4, we are extremely proud to announce the release of our new CCB300Motorised Wire Preefeeder  designed and built at our factory here in Southampton. We are confident in stating that this will be one of the lowest priced powered pre-feeders available in the UK market today.

This unit offers all the performance of other powered pre-feeders already on the market, with simple wire loading and the ability to run in either direction. The unit will dispense wire to demand so it can operate along side any other wire processing machinery. The Model CB3000 is belt fed so maintenance is easy and trouble free with very low costs for consumables. The drive belts can be changed over with the use of only 2 allen keys which are provided with the unit and takes a matter of minutes.

Pre-feeding: Round cable or tubing up to approximately 11mm or flat cable up to approximately 13.2mm (depending on the characteristics of the cable/tubing).
De-reeler: Spool diameter up to 600mm, spool length up to 350mm
Advanced pre-feeding and de-reeling capabilities.

From our advanced motorised prefeeder to our most economical and simple, the DE320 Floor or Bench Mounted Cable Dispenser. Designed for storing and dispensing reels of cable, it is ideal for warehouse use or as part of a dereeling system for cable and wire preparation equipment. Cable clamps on the rollers stop the reel moving or jumping. Increased drum weight capacity is available on application. This modular product allows expansion for wider and heavier cable drums. Up to 320 kg moving load capacity.

Motorised Wire Prefeeder

Wire Processing Machinery - Automatic Cut and Strip Machines

Within our wire process machinery product range, we can supply 4 models of high performing Automatic Cut and Strip Machines with various wire processing capabilities. The Model BX-C1A for wire diameters 10 ~ 32 AWG with a maximum strip length of 39mm each edge. The Model BX-C2A designed specifically for smaller diameter cable with a short stripping length, this offers a super fast cut and strip for wire size 18 ~ 36 AWG and a maximum stripping length of 12mm one end and 30mm the other. The Model BX-C3A caters for slightly larger cable with a wire diamater of 8 ~ 26 AWG and a maximum stripping length of 39mm each end. The Model BX-C4A is a further super fast model for wire diameters 16 ~ 30 AWG with a stripping length of 30mm on the leading edge and 39mm on the trailing edge.

Wire Processing Machinery - Automatic Cut and Strip Machines

Tape Dispenser

Series 4 offer a selection of production aids and one of our best sellers is the RT5000 Tape Dispenser machine which is ideal for all packaging tasks.  It accepts tape widths of up to 5mm to 50.0mm wide and cuts lengths from 5 to 999mm. A built in counter allows for either dispensing a set number of strips of material or to keep up with the number of pieces dispensed by the operator. Dispensing of non-adhesive material without an operator is possible.

If you have sligthly larger tape then the RT7000 Tape Dispenser would be suitable as this will process tape up to 60mm wide, offering a further 10mm of width than the standard RT5000. This unit includes a built in "pull-out" extra support bracket for larger case sealer rolls of tape.

Suitable materials that both units can cut are cellophane tape, masking tape, wool tape, pp tape, double-faced tape, tube, ribbon, insulation paper, pressure sensitive tape, small equipment wire, heat-shrink tubing, even labels and ribbon as well as other non-sticky materials. Both units have many useful programmable functions including: Adjustment of the tape length in cm and mm, easy setting of the tape length, forward tape feed, feed tape and cut automatically or manually, rewind of the tape away from cutting area, change of the operating mode to auto or manual, display of the length of the tape.

If you have narrow tape amd require shorter lengths of tape then you may wish to consider the Model RT-3000 which will dispense lengths up to 60mm long and a maximum tape width of 25mm. Lengths of tape are dispensed on the carousel at the pre- programmed length ready to be easily lifted off by the operator.

Tape Dispenser

Strain Testing Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of test equipment for many varied applications.   To compliment our range of electric screwdrivers our HP100 Torque Meter allows you to check the calibration of the screwdriver up to 10Nm to ensure precise operation (smaller and larger models are also available as well as a bottle top tester). For other test applications we offer a range of either manual or motorised test stands, the manual stands offering a test range of up to 500 Newtons, with the larger motorised versions offering testing up to 10,000 Newtons. Different tooling is available for a variety of materials including wires, cables and connectors through to materials such as rubbers, foams and springs.  High resolutions gauges are fitted to the test stands featuring functions such as peak value testing, comparative readings, change of display unit and connectivity via an RS232 printer port.

We also manufacture our own DPT50 Digital Crimp Pull Tester (shown in the picture) which offers excellent value for money and is designed for simple, quick crimp pull testing up to 50kg of force, it has a peak setting for non-destructive testing and can display in kg, Lbs or Newtons. We are also able to offer a calibration service, usually for only £49.99 per calibration.

Strain Testing Equipment

Crimping Machinery

The FEK-5ND Air Operated Crimper is our newest and most economical bench top machine suitable for a wide range of connectors and presents the ideal step up from manual crimping, delivering a speed 10 times quicker than can be achieved using a hand tool. This machine comes supplied with a foot-switch and crimp die of your choice, produced in a high quality, heat treated alloy steel. In addition this machine will accept most universal crimping die sets offering huge versatility and eliminating the need to buy machine specific die sets, we can also manufacture dies to suit if required. This machine is equiped with a pressure regulator to ensure consistency of crimping and can produce up to 1200 crimps per hour.

We offer many other choices of electric and pneumatic crimping machines to suit all budgets and applications, including the EC-23 Electric Crimper which is the next step up in terms of operation and budget from the FEK-5ND being a slightly larger bench top unit, or the very precise GLW EC65 Electric Crimping Machine. We also thought it would be useful to offer some crimping aids for customers who still wish to use their handtools for crimping but are concerned about operator fatique and with this in mind we have designed the Crimp Cradle, which is a bench top cradle that you fit your handtool in to and it effectively reduces the force required by the operator, or the Crimp Table, allowing your handtool to be operated by a foot pedal, again effectively reducing RSI.  We also supply a range of both new and second user Crimp Hand Tools and offer a unqiue Modular Handtool Frame in which you simply slot one of the many different crimp dies which are available for virtually all types of crimps.This is a very cost effective tool as when you need to change to a different crimp you only need to change the die and not the whole tool.

We always have a variety of second user crimping machines and presses on stock also, so why not give us a call if you have a specific application you need a cost effective solution for.

Crimping Machinery

Wire Processing Machinery - Wire Cuting Machines

We can offer our customers a diverse range of wire cutting machinery with something for all budgets and applications. We have models suitable for small equipment wire, flat materials and tubing up to larger cables.

Within our range we can supply the following models:

  • JQ6100 Cut to Length Machine - This is ideal for cutting wire or tubing up to around 8 mm diameter or wide materials of up to 100 mm in width. This is a digital cut to length machine which offer great economy and accuracy being capable of handling a wide variety of materials including tubing (various insulations), wires (soft and copper wires), hoses, ribbon cable and more.
  • SP101 Electro Pneumatic Cut to Length Machine. A large cutting-capacity, coupled with an opening of 50 x 20mm enables a large range of materials to be processed, such as: 
    Single cables from 0.1 to 25 mm sq 
    Multicore cables up to 5 x 2.5 mm sq 
    Flat and ribbon cable of different sizes 
    Heat-shrinkable tubing
    Conduit to 20mm OD - also available in an extra wide version for very wide flat materials (80mm).
  • PC25 Pneumatic Guillotine - The PC25 is a versatile and easy solution for cutting cables, tubing and conduit up to 25mm O.D The unit uses a pair of round blades to give a square cut to most material types. It is fully guarded for operator safety. The PC25 is of rugged construction and built for heavy duty use yet will also cut small wires and tubing to length.

    We also have a wide range of second user cut to length machines including the Schleuniger CCM1200, Schleuniger OC3950, Ideal Wire Prepper and more, just phone for details.

Wire Processing Machinery - Wire Cuting Machines

Wire Processing Machinery - Enamel Wire

We stock a wide selection of equipment for stripping enamel wire, from small hand held tools to bench top machines. Our best seller is the Abisofix Range, The Abisofix is an all purpose electric hand tool capable of removing the enamel insulation from copper wire to facilitate termination, e.g., soldering wire ends of stator and transformer coils. The abisofix stripping head utilises three weighted tungsten carbide blades, the depth of strip being controlled by a low voltage bench power supply / speed control unit (switchable between 110v/220v). Various head options are available depending on the size of your wire:

  • Standard Stripping Head  A1 Head - Enamel Film 0.2 - 0.8mm OD, A3 Head - Enamel Film 0.6 - 2.0mm OD, A5 Head - Enamel Film 1.2 - 4.5mm OD
  • AS Head - In special applications, especially with electronics it may be necessary to strip up very close to a component. Enamel Film 0.4 - 3.0mm OD.
  • Flat Set Blade Head - Stripping of cables and wires with a larger wall thickness, AFLM3 Head - 0.6 - 4.0mm OD, AFLM5 Head - 2.0 - 5.0mm OD
  • MODEL R - Rasp Head for rectangular section [Abisofix Rasp Head]
  • MODEL AV3 - For twisting stripped stranded wires from 0.18 - 2.5mm2, MODEL AV5 - For twisting stripped stranded wires from 0.25 - 6.0mm2

If you have very fine wire, we can offer the Finofix which is a compact bench top electric machine. The enamelled wire is introduced from above (or from the front) between the rotary, conical glass fibre wheels, the enamel is then removed from the wire. The design of the wheels allows a visible method for making close stripping easier. With a knurled thumb screw the distance of the conical wheels can be stopped to suit the respective wire size. In order to allow for stripping of different insulating enamel coatings, 2 types of wheels are available. Stripping to within 1/8" of a component body are possible with no restriction on stripping length. The Finofix strips all types of film insulation, is fast and easy to set up and will process wire sizes from 0.03mm to 0.4mm.

We offer many more tools for removing enamel including the Isolex Range, and the HQ30/HQ35P tools which are ideal for larger rectangular material - please see our website for the full range. We also frequently have second user machines available so do not hesitate to make an enquiry.

Wire Processing Machinery - Enamel Wire

Wire Processing Machinery - Ribbon Cable

We offer a number of simple solutions for slitting/separating ribbon cable and stock both manual and electric machines.  The Model 3260 Electric Separator will separate conductors on cable up to 76mm wide (or wider in two passes) and is available in different tooling options depending on the pitch  of the cable.  For a lower cost manual solution the 4250 Manual Ribbon Cable Slitter will process cables up to 75mm wide and again is available to suit different pitches of cable.  We also offer a hand tool called the Slitz-it 3 which can be used to separate along one conductor at a time and will slit an infinite length, this can be used on cable up to 75mm wide, or lastly if you have a requirement to strip ribbon cable, we have various second user machines we can offer both for purchase and hire, just give us a call with your requirements.

Wire Processing Machinery - Ribbon Cable

Wire Processing Machinery - Cable Measuring and Coiling

Cable Measuring and Coiling

The 1420 Measuring Meter  is a fantastic addition to your work bench when you need to measure cable lengths accurately. This meter features low friction, positive control guiding components which assure the straight line contact with the measuring wheel, the most important factor in measurement accuracy. A digital counter rated a 300m/min is housed in a dust-tight case.

The 1420 will also measure wire rope and has quickly interchangeable guide tubes to accurately guide hard-to-measure materials. This simple but unique meter allows for easy measurement of cables with diameters ranging from 0.4 ~ 24mm and additonal accessories are also available including a bench stand, wall mount or pivoting mount.  All shafts and surfaces subject to wear are made of heat treated or stainless steel and the digital counter adds or subtracts and resets to zero with one turn of the knob. An imperial version is also available if required (Model 1410) as well as a further model with urethane rollers for more delicate or slippery materials (1420U).

Our range of Collapsible Cable Coilers is a further useful item when handling cable and these can work inline with the measuring meter so you can accurately reel off the required length of cable which you can then simply lift off the coiler unit. The cable is attached to the coiler by a 'clip-in' mechanism, reeled on via the handle ready to be taped or tie wrapped before collapsing down the front of the coiler to remove the neatly coiled hank of material. 3 models are available withn this range with a fixed internal diameter of either 200, 300 or 400mm. Material as large as 25mm OD can be handled on the larger model within this range (400mm internal diameter).

If you wish to reel material on or off a drum, then we can offer the Model 318 Spooler/Winder  which will accommodate cable drums up to 250mm wide. The full or empty drum is held firm by cones and secured by a quick release locking mechanism. This unit will work well as both a dereeler or re-reeler and if used as a re-reeler, the unit is simply operated by a handle.

Wire Processing Machinery - Cable Measuring and Coiling

Component Forming & Component Counting

Series 4 offer a wide choice of component forming and counting machines suitable for axial, radial and SMD components.  Basic models within the range cut and bend axial or radial components whilst more sophisticated machines are available to form your components within an automated motorised system.

Basic Models inlcude:

  • TP6/ Cut and bend machine - 5 different versions are available for different cutting and bending specifications
  • TP6/R - Radial cutting machine
  • TP6/V-PR - Cut, bend and joggle, vertical stand off
  • TP6/V - Cut, bend vertical stand off
  • TP6/PR-B - Axial forming
  • TP6/S - Cut, bend axial to surface mount format
  • TP6/PR-F - Cut, bend and joggle
  • TP/LN100 or TP/LN500 - Pneumatic cutter for loose radial components
  • TP/TC4 - Motorised cutter for loose or taped radial components
  • TP6/R-PR - Pneumatic cutter and former for taped radial components

Accessories are available inlcuding motor units, loose piece feeder systems, reel holders and waste ejection systems.

Component Counting:

The County Counter is a small manually operated component counter for standard components, however,  accessories are also available to adapt the counter to be suitable for SMD components - this is a great low cost option.

The County S is a motorised unit (see image) specifically for the rapid and accurate counting of SMD components.

PCB Separators:
Both Manual and Motorised PCB Separating Machines are available to order and will efficiently separate pre-assembled electronic boards. In the manual versions - SEP1 and SEP 2, the maximum separation length is 380mm or 450mm and both feature an adjustable speed and a quick and easy blade adjustment for varying thickness of boards. The motorised versions - SEP-1M and SEP-2M also have a separation length of 380mm and 450mm. The large motorised version (SEP-2M) is operated by a foot pedal and the length of the run can be programmed via push buttons located on the main control panel.

Component Forming & Component Counting

Wire Processing Machinery - Second User Machinery

Quality Second User Equipment

 Series 4 offers a wide selection of quality second user equipment which is constantly changing so if you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please call or e-mail with your requirements as many items are yet to be listed. At our facility we have a full repair and service workshop so all of our second user equipment is rigidly checked and serviced prior to sale and we offer warranties on all second user items sold.  Typically our second user machinery includes quality manufacturers such as Schleuniger, Komax, Kodera, Carpenter, Desoutter, Eraser to name but a few and we have amassed years of experience working with on these brands plus we are able to offer spares and consumables so you are assured of ongoing support.

Machines currently available include (see our website for more):

Schleuniger CCM1200 Cut to Length Machine
Schleuniger PS9500 Wire Stripping Machine
Schleuniger Coaxstrip 5300 Machine
Komax 33 Cut & Strip Machine
Kodera C351 Cut & Strip Machine
Kirsten PP3 Stripper Crimper
Carpenter 47/C Ribbon Cable Stripper
Desoutter S4-800 Electric Screwdriver & PSU
HIROSE Cable Cutter FC601
Eraser WT20 Wire Twister
Cirris Signature 1000M Cable Analyzer
Amphenol Strip Box

We also have many handtools and applicators which are currently being catalogued so please call with your enquiry.

Wire Processing Machinery - Second User Machinery

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Choose from a range of hand crimp tools, wire cutters, cable tie guns, adjustable wire strippers, precision wire strippers or even fibre optic hand tools. Our best seller is the Crimp Frame Hand Tool Modular System  which offers a low cost solution for crimping a wide variety of connectors. It is a modular system that consists of a crimp frame in which you can insert a variety of die sets (over 20) that cover most common crimping applications. This Hand Tool fits in to both our Crimp Cradle System and also the Crimp Table - both of which offer force reduction solutions

Our Precision Wire Strippers range offers an economical and accurate solution for stripping small wires with a variety of different insulations. These tools are easy to operate - you simply set the adjustable length stop to the desired stripping length, insert the wire through the hole and squeeze handles together and withdraw the wire - the result is an accurate and clean strip.  The Standard Model is available in 8 sizes, as follows: 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.80mm, 1.00mm. These strippers are suitable for wires with Mylar, Kynar, Tefzel, Teflon, PVC insulations.

An Adjustable Precision Wire Stripper is also available and is offered in 3 sizes, with each size being adjustable to 6 different wire diameters. The Models in the adjustable range are as follows:

Size 1 (mm)  0.12 0.16 0.20 0.25 0.30 0.40  Part Ref: HA-WR1287-0.12

Size 2 (mm)  0.25 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.80  Part Ref: HA-WR1287-0.25

Size 3 (mm)  0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 0.80 1.00  Part Ref: HA-WR1287-0.30

A Fiber optic Precision Wire Stripper is also available .

Adjustable Wire Stripper: The HA2000 adjustable Wire stripper is a self adjusting wire stripper with a built in cable cutter. This tool will strip PVC and similar cables from 0.5mmsq up to 6.0mmsq. it will also strip small flat cable up to 8mm wide.
It is simple to use with the only adjustment being the dial knob for pressure adjustment and the length stop to adjust to the desired stripping length. This tool has a handy scale shown on one side in metric and on the other in imperial for easy size identification.

Cable Tie Guns:  We offer a standard gun (MT-1218) suitable for tie widths from 2.2 ~ 4.8mm, 1.6mm thick and a heavy duty version (MT-519) for cable tie widths from 2.3 ~ 9.5mm.

Pliers: HT-205 Strain Relief and Fitting Plier is designed for use on STP-1 and STP-2 Wire (Stranded Twisted Pair). This versatile tool will assemble strain relief bushings of various sizes and is sturdy and easy to use, giving quick installation and removal of bushings that fit in to chassis holes. The HT-205 features a return spring, closure lock and is made of carbon steel with easy grip handles.

Cutters: Small Economy Cutters 20 ~ 24 AWG, HT-222 Precide Electrical Cutters for up to 3.0mm material thickness, HT-206 Large Cable Cutter for up to 14mm diameter, HT-227 Heavy Duty Cable Cutter for up to 19mm diameter and HT-502C Ribbon Cable Cutter for up to 30mm wide.

We are also official stockist of the unique Microstrip range which includes tools designed for stripping fine wire (18-32 AWG) and fibre optic cables and comes with interchangeable blades and guides to eliminate the need to purchase a separate tool for each different cable. Several options are offered to suit a variety of applications and all deliver ultra precise stripping. The tools are either manual or designed with an integral heating element to enable them to soften and strip insulations such as Mylene, Kapton, Teflon, PVC and Hytrel (AA battery operated for field work and a AA NiMH battery re-charger). Fibre stripping kits are available for fine wire and fibre optic cables including the thermal option. As well as the tool, all kits contain the most common used blade sets and guides, full instructions and cleaning brush. We recommend sending us a cable sample for assessment on this tool.

Hand Tools


We can offer blades for most common makes of wire processing machinery and supply an extensive range of Schleuniger Blades for all models including the Schleuniger 2015/2100, 2500, 207/257/5300, 5400, 8015/5500, 9050/9100, 9300, 9400, 9500, SR1000, JS8300, JS8400, OC3950, CCM1000, CCM1200, MP257, K700/K710. In additional we can also supply rollers and belts.

We offer Komax/Kodera blades for the Komax 33, Komax 34, Komax 35, Komax 36, Kodera C300, Kodera C351, Kodera C371, Kodera C373, Kodera C551, Komax 40, Komax Gamma and Kappa range, plus replacement rollers. In addition we stock Ideal style blades, WDT style blades, Artos and Z & F style blades. Lastly, if you do not see what you are looking for here, give us a try as we hold many obselete blades and can also manufacture bespoke blades on site.


Bobbins and Ferrite Cores

Since January 2004 we have operatied a sales division dedicated to Transformer Bobbins, Clips and Ferrite Cores. We have an extensive range of bobbins, clips and ferrite cores available from stock and we can also source others to your requirements. Our current stock includes:

EE type
EF type
ETD type
EFD type
RM type
ER type
ERL type
EP type

All of our bobbins are from UL approved sources and come with a Certificate of Conformity. We can also obtain gapped cores according to your requirements against schedule orders.

We are also agents for Gorman Machines and stock common spare parts for the Gorman Coil Winding Range of Machines and can provide the full range of Gorman Machines to order. In addition we are agents for Leader International and can offer the full range of Laminating and Coil Winding Machines.

We also manufacture our own Winding Machine - the PW10  which is an air operated manual coil winder for toroids. The machine reduces winding times and operator fatigue. It is fitted with a automatic turns counter.The continuous tension ensures tightly wound coils and highly polished winding hooks eliminate damage to insulation. The PW-10 incorporates several unique safety features and is simple to operate with a variable speed stroke movement. Cores from 8mm to 160mm in diameter can be wound by the PW-10 and it is suitable for single wires up to 3mm diameter and bifilar up to 1.6mm diameter. The machine fits to any standard workbench and has an air requirement of 4 - 6 Bar. We also offer a full range of Winding Hooks in various sizes and types including Delrin, Stainless Steel and Plastic Coated. We can produce special sized Stainless Steel Winding Hooks if required.

Bobbins and Ferrite Cores

Equipment Hire, Service and Repair

Hire Facilities:
We offer a huge range of equipment for hire and can provide weekly or longer term hire of most equipment from our stock. Whether it's just a simple hand tool to an automatic wire cut and strip machine, if we have it in stock, we are happy to hire it to you.  Some typical examples of the equipment we can offer for hire include: Kodera C351 Cut and Strip Machine, Schleuniger 207 Coax Stripping Machine, County S Component Counter, CCM1200 Cut to Length Machine, Abisofix Enamel Wire Stripper.  Weekly hire rates start at only £50 per week (depending on item being hired).  Discounted rates can be given on long term hire arrangements.

Workshop Services:
On site we have a fully equipped workshop staffed by fulltime skilled Engineers who carryout servicing, refurbishment and repair as well as development and assembly of our own product range.  In addition to offering pre and after sales support, their services also include calibration and a cut and strip service for your cable if you wish to off load the process of preparing your own wire.

Our Engineers are always on hand to provide technical assistance on any of the products we supply or if you are interested in a specific item but would like to give it a try before committting to purchase, why not come along to our demonstration facility.  Our Engineering Staff will be happy to demonstrate any of our equipment to you and if you wish bring along your own cable sample so you can see exactly how our machinery will perform on your material and improve your process.  Just give us a call to disucss your requirements and arrange a convenient time.

Equipment Hire, Service and Repair

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Machining Services

Due to our well-equipped precision machining workshop, we can offer a multitude of machining services having completed many major projects for larger companies. From CNC turning and milling to fitting and building, we also offer the following machining services for:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Surface grinding
  • Boring and key-way service

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