Seventynine Lighting Ltd.

Lighting lifts you out of the darkness, it captures the essence of brands, draws attention to features and creates atmosphere.
Seventynine Lighting offers three specialist services or one total lighting solution:
  • Design: site evaluation and development of designs for one-off or multi-site projects.
  • Manufacture: manufacture of bespoke and standard luminaires.
  • Installation: specialist and standard site installation, modernisation of older lighting systems and maintenance.
We can design, manufacture and Install:
  • Retail Lighting -Store lighting and Window lighting
  • Complete lighting & electrical installations 
  • Specialist Lighting Solutions
The difference between a good retail space and a great one is often the lighting. Lighting creates the right atmosphere and good interior design should always involve illumination.

See our website for actual examples, not concepts and see the clientbase that we already have. It's OK, there is room in the list for your project.

Good lighting design turns desires into realities.
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