SFL Flues and Chimneys


The SFL range of flue, chimney and exhaust systems have been carefully formulated to provide solutions that meet the highest standards of design, manufacture and performance required throughout the world.

Optimum chimney performance is achieved through combinations of inner liner and insulation to cater for varying flue gas volumes and temperatures. Whatever a project demands, there is usually a SFL system to suit, and wherever a SFL system is used, you can be sure it meets all statutory requirements and standards.

We can supply:-

Pre-fabricated Exhaust Systems

SFL, formerly known as Selkirk Manufacturing have been manufacturing prefabricated chimney products in the UK for over 40 years.

Prefabricated components from SFL are not only quick and easy to work with but also offer the benefits of high quality materials used in tried and tested designs. Factory-made system chimneys are manufactured under strict quality control to BS EN ISO 9000:2008 and carry the CE mark to EN 1856-1 to ensure total reliability and consistency. All of SFL products are manufactured at our state of the art manufacturing centre in Barnstaple, Devon, UK.

Single Wall Stainless Chimney System


Supra is a single-wall pre-fabricated stainless steel flue system, primarily designed for high efficiency gas and kerosene (28Sec) oil fired condensing appliances, which produce high levels of condensates and operate under positive pressure conditions. Supra is manufactured from corrosion resistant 0.5mm 316L grade stainless steel and covers a diameter range from 80mm to 350mm internal diameter. All Supra components in this range are supplied with factory fitted and bonded seals.


SW is an economy single-wall pre-fabricated chimney system which has been designed to service gas and oil fired industrial and commercial warm air heating equipment installed predominantly in industrial units. SW is designed to operate under negative draught and dry conditions.

Twin Wall Gas Vent System

QC is a twin wall pre-fabricated commercial gas vent designed for use on gas fired naturally aspirated appliances which incorporate a draught hood and where the flue gas temperature will not exceed 250°C, where the chimney is designed to operate under negative pressure and dry conditions.

Twin Wall Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Europa is an twin wall insulated stainless steel pre-fabricated industrial grade high pressure exhaust system for use on stand-by generators, combined heating and power (CHP) plant, process plant, fire-rated extraction systems, kitchen extract and off shore applications. The product is manufactured from a 1mm grade 316L liner, and a 0.6mm grade 304 outer case with the option for either 25mm, 50mm or 100mm of high density insulation.  Europa is also available as a single wall product.

With a positive pressure resistance of up to 15KPa and a continuous high temperature capability of up to 760°C (1000°C Intermittent), Europa is the chosen product for industrial applications. Independently tested to BS 476: Part 24 for 4 hours, Europa is also an ideal installer friendly product for fire-rated extraction systems and kitchen extracts. Europa is available in sixteen sizes, ranging from 150mm to 1200mm internal diameter.

Stainless Steel Multi Fuel Chimney System

Nova is a new breed of chimney system that offers a single solution for virtually all of today's combustion requirements. Nova is a true multi-fuel / multi-application product, whether being used to serve a solid fuel stove, vent the latest high efficiency condensing appliances or Biomass wood chip / pellet stove, Nova is the product of choice. With a diameter range covering thirteen sizes, Nova covers domestic and commercial applications. Manufactured from a 316L inner liner, 25mm high density insulated annulus and a grade 304 outer case, Nova is built to last. Unlike some of our competitors, Nova is designed with a rapid fit multi-barbed twist lock jointing system.

This not only offers a fast and simplistic installation method but also a durable and strong joint allowing a free-standing height of up to 3.0 metres to be support above the last support.

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