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We are UK suppliers of the comprehensive and complete range of Enerpac Hydraulic Industrial Tools. We are also the UK agents for the hire and repair of Enerpac Hydraulic Industrial Tools.

As suppliers of products from the world leader in high pressure hydraulic equipment, the range we have available is extensive and includes:

  • Enerpac Pumps
  • Enerpac Presses
  • Enerpac Valves

Enerpac Cylinders

Our vast supply, hire and repair services for Enerpac products also includes options in Enerpac Cylinders. Enerpac Cylinders provide solutions for all of your application requirements. This includes lifting, pushing, pulling, bending or holding, for most industrial and commercial work environments.

As well as Enerpac Cylinders, we also provide:

  • Enerpac Jacks
  • Enerpac System Components
  • Enerpac Pullers
  • Enerpac Bolting and Maintenance Tools
Enerpac Cylinders

Enerpac Hire and Repair Services

As well as the supply of a vast Enerpac product range, we also provide comprehensive and professional Enerpac hire and repair services.

Included in our Enerpac hire and repair services, we offer a vast array of hire equipment including Single and Double Acting, Solid and Hollow Plunger Cylinders. We provide a first class repair service with all work carried out by trained engineers using the latest repair and testing techniques.

Enerpac Hire and Repair Services

Enerpac Distributors

We are the UK Enerpac distributors and included in this vast range is the XA-Series, the breakthrough in hydraulic pump technology and ergonomics from Enerpac. Further benefits of the Enerpac XA-Series include:

  • Ergonomic design for less operator fatigue
  • Variable oil flow and fine metering for precise control
  • Higher oil flow for increased productivity

We are the approved UK Enerpac distributors.

Enerpac Distributors

Enerpac Tools

Further to the XA-Series, we also provide many other state-of-the-art options in Enerpac tools.

Innovative and market dominating Enerpac tools we supply include the Enerpac developed XVARI® Technology pump, offering tremendously high oil delivery, precise control and ergonomic operation.

The XVARI ® Technology replaces the popular and widely-used linear air motor technology with improved ergonomics, precise metering of the hydraulic oil flow, and it also offers a higher oil delivery for increased productivity and efficiency.

Enerpac Tools

Hydraclaw Tangye Jacks

Further to our impressive supply of Enerpac tools, we also offer numerous options in Tangye Jacks. This range includes numerous options for Hydraclaw Tangye Jacks.

Features of the Hydraclaw Tangye Jacks:

  • Powerful - five tonne capacity on head or toe
  • High lift - 178mm
  • Fast Operation - 5.5mm lift per stroke
  • Stable - substantial base offers stability under load
  • Versatile - horizontal or vertical operation
  • Safe - positive stop feature prevents over-stroking, pressure relief valve prevents overloading
  • Ease of Operation - lifting and lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever, acceptable lever effort
  • Low Clearance - 41mm
  • Reliable - jack hydraulics are totally enclosed
  • Robust Construction - can withstand rough treatment, ferrous construction has led to its extensive use underground
Hydraclaw Tangye Jacks

Hydramite Tangye Jacks

Further to Hydraclaw Tangye Jacks, we also supply Hydramite Tangye Jacks.

Features of the Hydramite Tangye Jacks include:

  • Powerful - 6.5 tonne, 10 tonne, 15 tonne capacity
  • Proven - thousands in use all around the world
  • Well Engineered - servicing and repair easily undertaken
  • Safe - relief valve prevents overloading
  • Compact and Lightweight - ideal portable tool
  • Versatile - operates in any orientation, totally enclosed, suitable for use in dusty conditions
  • Easy to Operate - lift/lowering controlled smoothly by operating lever

We also offer the Hydralite Tangye Jacks, a range of lightweight jacks designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety.

Hydramite Tangye Jacks

Enerpac pumps

We are a distributor for Enerpac Hydraulic Equipment.

We offer the complete range of Enerpac Hydraulic Equipment and products including:

  • bottle jacks
  • jacks
  • fork lift jacks
  • truck and lorry jacks
  • air jacks
  • transmission jacks
  • jacking beams
  • pit jacks
  • scissor lifts
  • axle stands
  • pallet trucks
  • mot equipment

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