Shaw Trust Industries (Doncaster)


Shaw Trust Industries Doncaster manufactures a vast selection of plastic protective edging in both industry standard square and round backed profiles. In addition to plastic protective edging we also manufacture stationary lide binders and a variety of tubing.

Plastic Protective Edging Profiles

In addition to our plastic protective edging, we show examples of plastic protective edging profiles. LDPE product profiles and polypropylene products are of plastic protective edging profiles displayed on our website.

Subcontract Assembly and Pick & Pack services

Established subcontract assembly and pick and pack service providers, Shaw Trust Industries will provide you long-term orders as well as short term ones. We can provide you with a subcontract assembly and pick and pack service to accommodate the needs of your business.

Plastic Injection Moulding

As part of our fantastic service, we provide plastic injection moulding. Horizontal and insert moulding are two types of plastic injection moulding we can supply.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is another area we specialise in and we supply powder coating in both British standard and RAL colours.

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