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Shawcity is totally focused on bringing new technology to the UK and Ireland, enabling customers working in Environmental, Occupational Hygiene and Health and Safety applications to achieve the highest levels of monitoring performance.

With a range of the best instruments on the market from leading manufacturers available to hire or buy, each order is tailored to your specific requirements with our technical experts to provide individual solutions.

We offer an extensive range of monitoring detection, including VOCs, Benzene, Ground Gas, Single Gas, Confined Space, Multigas, Mercury, Sound, Noise, Vibration, Air Quality & Dust and Heat Stress.

Thanks to our close links with manufacturers, our technical team provides you with support, advice and training for the lifetime of your instrument for total peace of mind. We offer a complete solution, with our manufacturer-trained and approved engineers providing servicing and calibration for every instrument we supply.

G7: The World’s First Gas Detector with Lone Worker + Comms in One

Alert. Locate. Respond.

Introducing the game-changing G7, available to pre-order NOW.

  • Gas Alarms (1-4 gas type sensors)
  • GPS Location
  • Indoor Location Compatible
  • SOS Alert
  • Worker Check-in
  • Alert Received Light
  • Speaker Phone
  • Text Messaging
  • Fall Detection
  • No-motion Detection. 

The revolutionary G7c is available to order directly from Shawcity today.
For further information, click here.

To place an order or discuss your requirements, email: or
call the team on 01367 899423.


G7: The World’s First Gas Detector with Lone Worker + Comms in One

Meet the Future: 4-Gas Detection with 2-Year Runtime is Here

Shawcity announce not one but two next generation products from two of the world’s leading manufacturers in gas detection, both designed to push the boundaries of personal, always-on gas detection.

Both instruments offer a continuous use two-year life span and the following features:

  • No maintenance
  • No re-charging
  • No calibration
  • H2S, CO, O2 and LEL
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Quick bump tests via docks
  • Easy data transfer
  • IR sensor technology
  • Oxygen-enriched and oxygen-deficient environments
  • LEL sensor immune to H2S silicone poisoning

These benefits make a huge difference - no downtime for the end user, pass straight from one worker to another without re-charging and low overall cost of ownership. Easy to use, they each offer one-button operation.
Just switch them on for immediate peace of mind that you’re covered for two years.

Both products are now available direct from Shawcity. For more information email: or call 01367 899423.


Meet the Future: 4-Gas Detection with 2-Year Runtime is Here

Gas Portable

Shawcity offers a comprehensive range of portable gas detection solutions for a wide range of applications providing leading-edge technology for multi hazard protection against individual hazards in the workplace, including:

  • VOC
  • Benzene
  • Single Gas
  • Confined space
  • Multi gas
  • Mercury
  • Colorimetric Tube System
  • Gas Leak Detection.
Gas  Portable

Fixed Monitoring Systems

At Shawcity we provide installation, calibration and maintenance of fixed gas detection systems. Designed to detect the presence of target gas/es and transmit updates back to a control panel, these systems are permanently installed fixtures that guard potentially hazardous environments.

We offer a comprehensive range of:

  • Controllers
  • Wireless Fixed Systems
  • Gas Sensor Options
  • Sampling Systems
  • Alarms
  • Benzene-specific Systems
  • Custom-fabricated Systems
Fixed Monitoring Systems

Contaminated Land and Ground Gas

Shawcity has a wide range of Landfill and Ground Gas Monitoring instrumentation with flexible hire options, such as the Gasclam in-situ borehole monitor, the GFM series and FROG-4000, all of which monitor site gas release activity giving you effective and accurate data.

Contaminated Land and Ground Gas

Noise, Sound and Vibration

At Shawcity we have a wide range of sound, noise and vibration monitoring equipment for both personal and area noise monitoring applications to hire or buy.

  • Sound - Monitors that allow you to achieve effective results fast! Instruments include data logging facilities and come with their own software allowing you to quickly gather and analyse results.
  • Noise – Monitors to ensure employees are protected from over exposure to noise in the workplace.
  • Vibration - Systems to measure and monitor hand arm and whole body vibration.
Noise, Sound and Vibration

Air Quality and Dust

Shawcity’s wide range of instruments to hire or buy includes a variety of indoor and outdoor environmental monitors that provide real time measurements and long-term runtime for accurate results from the field.

Personal measuring can also be achieved from the smallest, lightest personal sampling pumps such as the GilAir +, also available from Shawcity.

Air Quality and Dust

Heat Stress

Heat Stress prevention demands accurate measurement and analysis within the workplace.

Shawcity has a range of area and personal heat stress monitors for measuring heart rate and body core temperatures, air temperature, humidity etc. providing real time measurements and warning alarms if heat levels become hazardous.

Heat Stress
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