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Here at Sheffield Precision Medical, we specialise in the design, prototyping and production of low to high volume orthopaedic instruments and related products. We have a growing global client base, including market leading multi national OEMs who provide implants and instrumentation to hospitals and health professionals worldwide. As well as standard orthopaedic instruments, we also provide a bespoke service to meet specific requirements.

Solid and Canulated Drills

We produce high volumes of solid and canulated drills using the latest sliding head and 5 axis CNC grinding technology. We supply the very best solid and canulated drills from an aesthetic and geometric point of view, using the most efficient manufacturing processes.

Solid and Canulated Reamers

We specialise in the high volume manufacture of solid and canulated reamers. We produce solid and canulated reamers using the very latest sliding head and 5 axis CNC grinding technology.


A great deal of our work includes assemblies, with emphasis placed on forward planning. We work closely with our customers to use the best possible practices, minimising the occurrence of queries and changes during assemblies and production.


We manufacture complex plastic assemblies. Many include component parts made of surgically suited UHMWPE and other plastic compositions specified by our clients.

Guide Wires and Nails

We manufacture bespoke guide wires to meet individual requirements from your own designs. We have an assortment of cutting points, threads and materials are available. We produce special screws and nails using your individual designs or designs by SPML to suit the application.

We are not standard item manufacturers, and therefore do hold stocks of off the shelf items, except for those customers who have Schedule or KanBan ordering agreements with us.

Special Solid and Canulated Screws and Plugs

We supply a broad range of capability in the manufacture of special solid and canulated screws and plugs. We produce special solid and canulated screws and plugs in stainless steel, titanium and cobalt chrome materials.

Rasps and Broaches

We use the latest high specification CAD CAM systems and multi axis CNC grinding technology to produce high quality rasps and broaches. Our rasps and broaches are designed for hip, knee, elbow, ankle and finger replacement procedures. Our specialist engineers are able to facilitate the most challenging designs of straight and anatomic rasps to suit the most complex and intricate procedures.

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