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Here at Shielding Solutions, we provide high strength conductive adhesives. These provide permanent and reliable metal to metal bonds. Our conductive adhesives are suitable for the assembly and prototyping of metallic enclosures to avoid the use of fasteners, welding or expensive machining operations.

We have two standard conductive adhesives available including:

  • Bondshield conductive adhesive - Epoxy (ECA-SE002 )
  • Bondshield Electrically Conductive Adhesive (ECA-SCS001)

EMI Shield Materials

Our innovative caulks, pastes and compounds are formulated, manufactured and tested 'in-house' to provide a fast and efficient turn around. 

Our EMI shield materials include:

  • Supershield® electrically conductive elastomer
  • Shielded vent panels and filters
  • Pastes and Compounds
  • Acushield® Form in place (F-I-P) gaskets
  • Bondshield® Conductive adhesives - Epoxy and silicone
  • Vushield® Shielded windows and display filters
  • Multishield®, Weaveshield® and embedded wire gaskets
  • Conductive EMI shielding tapes
EMI Shield Materials

RFI Shielding Materials

We supply an impressive collection of RFI shielding materials. Our RFI shielding materials include ferrites, absorbers, shielding vent panels and filters, shielded windows, shielding cans, and knitted mesh.

RFI Shielding Materials

Shield Gaskets

Our shield gaskets are suitable for direct application onto plastic or metal enclosures. This produces a cost-effective solution to sealing complex, intricately shaped or curved plastic mouldings, small scale machined or die-cast components. Our shield gasket materials are customised to your application in property and even colour. We offer almost unlimited material types from soft gels to high specification oil and fuel resistant materials.

Our range of shield gaskets includes:

  • Acushield® Form in place (F-I-P) gaskets
  • Conductive fabric over foam gaskets
  • Multishield®, Weaveshield® and embedded wire gaskets
  • Connector gaskets
  • Finger strip (Finger stock) gaskets
  • Knitted wire mesh gaskets
Shield Gaskets

Conductive Elastomers

We supply Supershield conductive elastomers as a group of high performance EMI gasket materials. These provide an optimal combination of superior shielding effectiveness together with excellent environmental sealing. Our conductive elastomers are produced by dispersing conductive metal particles in an elastomer carrier forming a homogenous gasket with high conductivity.

Our conductive elastomers have many uses including:

  • Military radio and communications equipment
  • Aerospace – flight system control units
  • Base stations
  • Waveguide and connector gaskets
  • Ruggadised industrial equipment
Conductive Elastomers

Metal EMI Gasketing

Our metal EMI gasketing supplies a combination of fantastic shielding effectiveness together with excellent environmental sealing. We use our extensive knowledge and experience of applying EMI shielding to enable us to achieve the most cost-effective technical solutions to your shielding problems.

Metal EMI Gasketing

Shielded vent panels and filters

We have a comprehensive range of EMC or EMI vent panels and filters available that are all primarily designed to allow unrestricted air-flow whilst preventing the transmission of electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are used wherever there is a requirement for air cooling or to allow ventilation without compromising the shielding integrity of an enclosure.

The main types of EMI Filter panels are:

Cut to shape/size Honeycomb
Honeycomb Vent Panels
Low Profile Vent Panels
EMI Shielding Dust Filters
High Performance/EMP Vent Panels
Low Cost Vent Panels

Shielded vent panels and filters
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