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Ces Wise Shot Blast Services is a small business based in North Devon. They specialise in providing sand blasting to the South West. They were established in 1997 and strive to provide a professional service to all of their customers.

They carry out their sand blasting on-site as they are a mobile business. They have provided their sand blasting services to the South West in a wide range of industries including the industrial, marine, agricultural, automotive and domestic sectors.

We offer services for:

  • Sand Blasting Devon
  • Shot Blasting North Devon
  • Sandblasting Cornwall
  • Shotblasting Somerset

Timber Sandblasting

Ces Wise Shotblast Services are experts in timber sandblasting. They can provide their timber sandblasting services throughout Devon.

They can shotblast the following timbers:

  • Softwood
  • Oak Beams
  • Green Oak and many more 
Timber Sandblasting

Metal Sprays

Ces Wise Shotblast Services can supply two different types of metal sprays. The metal sprays they offer are zinc and thermal spraying. Zinc metal spraying is used to produce metal finishing services on metal products.

Thermal spraying can provide a thick coating of micrometer sized substrate particles. This spraying process can be used on flammable substances as the surface does not heat up significantly.

Stone and Brick Blasting

Ces Wise Shotblast Services have the expertise to carry out stone and brick blasting. Stone and brick blasting is a perfect way to remove old coatings of paint, limewash and to clean re-claimed bricks.  

Their stone and brick blasting capabilities extend to stone grit blasting and brick sandblasting.  

Stone and Brick Blasting

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