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Shrink Sleeve Limited, The Worldwide Tubing Solution, providing electrical, mechanical and decorative Heat Shrink Tubing for use in a variety of industries and applications.

Over 22 years we are specialied supply of plastic heat shrink tubing in high-quality with competitive prices to a variety of customers across wide range of trade sectors.

We offer products made of PVC, PET, Polyolefin, Fluoropolymer, Elastomer , Silicon and Braid Expandable Sleeve. All meet where applicable UL, BS, DEF STAN, Mil Spec, VG specifications.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to providing you with excellent service, prompt quotations, just-in-time delivery programs and more.

Heat Shrink - PVC Ultra Thin Lay-falt Tube


Ultra thin wall, low cost material made of PVC that offers excellent electrical insulation and the one of the lowest shrink temperatures of all tubing. It is rigid and resists most chemicals and oils. Operates up to 105C and is UL recognized.

Heat Shrink - PVC Lay-flat Tube for Battery Cells

PVLF For Cell

Thin wall, low cost battery packing material made of PVC that offers excellent electrical insulation and the one of the lowest shrink temperatures of all tubing. It has a wide range of colours with good insulation for battery packs. Operates up to 105C and is UL, BS approval. We can offer in-house both sides printing, cutting or perforation.

Heat Shrink - PVC Flexible Tube


Flexible, low cost material made of PVC that offers excellent electrical insulation, self extinguishing and is 30% stronger than polyolefin.  It maintains a degree of flexibilty and resists most chemicals and oils.Operates up to 105C

Heat Shrink - PET Ultra thin Lay-flat Tube


Thin wall, eco-friendly material made of PET that offers excellent electrical insulation and chemical properties. It is toxic free. Lay-flat PET is available in widths from 7mm up to 150 mm with wall thickness from 0.07 to 0.12mm. Operates up to 125C.

Heat Shrink - Shatter Proof PET Tubing for Lamps


Preferred by more compliance professionals than any other safety lamp cover, PTLAMP provides total glass containment on virtually all types of fluorescent lamps, including V.H.O.(very high output). Without shatter protection sleeve can create a hazardous condition and should be immediately eliminated by use of PTLAMP.

Heat Shrink - Tamper Proof Cap Seal


In reel form, pre-cut or in cut pieces, tamper evidence by PVC shrink gives you the security your package needs to meet the requirements of today's informed consumer. PVC cap seals are guaranteed most cheapest and easiest way to protect from tampering.

Heat Shrink - Polyolefin Tubing


Polyolefin tubing is flexible heat shrink tubing with a low shrink temperature and excellent abrasion resistance. Our thin wall heat shrink tubing will insulate, identify, bundle, protect and repair in a wide variety of electrical, mechanical and commercial applications. Select polyolefin in black and colors, for flame retardant but clear is not flame retardant.

Heat Shrink - Polyolefin High Shrink Ratio


Shrinks uniformly over irregular sizes, shapes and oversized components that are in-line with electrical wiring. It has a low shrink temperature, is  flexible, easily marked and excellent for industrial applications.

Heat Shrink - Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Tubing


Semi-flexible medium polyolefin tubing with a flexible adhesive liner 3:1 or 4:1 shrink ratio allows for a broader range of applications. This adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable tubing provides sealing and strain relief. The tubing's internal adhesive coating melts and flows to form the seal. Operates up to 110C.

Heat Shrink - Zero Halogen Polyolefin Tubing


A highly flexible, no added halogens tubing used for insulating, jacketing and bundling of wire harnesses and components. Made from flame retardant polyolefin, it offers a good balance of electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical and physical properties. Operates up to 125C.

Heat Shrink - Adhesive Lined End Caps


Semi-rigid polyolefin endcaps are internally coated with a hot melt adhesive. HSEC offers a quick and effective method of sealing against moisture in most types of cable and components, which is resistant to corrosion, chemical and physical damage

Heat Shrink - Yellow/Green Striped Earth Tubing


A highly flexible, irradiation cross-linked tubing used for insulating, jacketing and bundling of wire. Made from flame retardant polyolefin, it has green/yellow striped colour which designates international electrical grounding to earth.

Heat Shrink - Kynar Tubing


PVDF tubing, normally call it Kynar, are fabricated from polyvinylidene fluoride fluoroplastic which is used in applications requiring an excellent high continuous temperature rating, flame and chemical resistance and rigidity for strain relief, as well as excellent resistance to cut-through and abrasion. It is transparent in colour.

Heat Shrink - PTFE Tubing


A modified Polytetrafluorethylen heat shrink sleeving which offers the ultimate performance with a continuous working temperature of up to 250C, is still tough at 300C and is not damaged by short term exposure to 400C. With a very high shrink ratio of 4:1, complex shapes or terminals can be covered.

Heat Shrink - Elastomer Tubing


Flame retarded, elastomer tubing specially formulated for long term resistance to fluids, heat and mechanical abuse. Recommended for protecting cables and wire harnesses on military ground vehicles and is used in variety of applications requiring ruggedness and fluid resistance.

Heat Shrink - Spiral Wound Mylar Tubing


Spiral Wound, made from Mylar© PET film, is a superior high dielectric insulation material that provides a tight, smooth protective covering. Spiral Wound is a custom run product. It can be supplied in custom diameters from 1.6 mm ID to over 200 mm ID to suit your application. We can offer incut to max. 1.2 meter length. Operates up to 150C.

Expandable - PET Braid Expandable Sleeve


A monofilament, expendable, flexible, PET braid that offers excellent protection and excellent mechanical performance. It maintains a high degree of flexibility and resists most chemicals. PTB is available in nominal diameter from 3mm up to 100 mm.

Non Shrink - Silicone Tubing


Highly flexible silicon sleeve, which are designed to provide excellent electrical, thermal and chemical resistance, that make SE0X ideal for protection. It can be supplied in a range of colours and sizes to suit your application. Operates up to 250C.

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