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We specialise as one of the world’s three leading suppliers of innovative abrasive systems. We have a global reputation in developing, manufacturing and marketing numerous industrial abrasives for a variety of applications and requirements. Industrial abrasives adapt sanding and grinding into surface technology and we produce many forms and materials for the surface treatment of every type of work piece.

Coated Abrasives

At SIA Abrasives, we provide numerous coated abrasives and abrasive systems. Our coated abrasives are ideally designed for conventional surface preparation and finishing on all kinds of materials.

Nonwoven Abrasives

We supply a diverse stock of nonwoven abrasives predominantly used for the surface preparation, cleaning and structuring of metal.

Products in our nonwoven abrasives range include:

  • Siafleece
  • Siastrip
  • Siatech wheels
  • Siasurface conditioning material (scm)

Foam Abrasives

For high quality and high performing foam abrasives, we supply an excellent range of foam sanding blocks and pads in a variety of shapes and hardness for the optimum finishing of fillers, wood, paints and coatings. The Standard Block foam abrasives are a perfect combination of surface quality and high removable capacity, adapting to all surfaces, edges and profiles.


For microabrasives to produce defined surface structure in the automotive, optical and graphic industries, we have many products adapted to your requirements in contact roller, centerless and pressure shoe types. Our microabrasives have been designed and developed to suit application procedures work pieces and materials with an excellent finishing result.

Bonded Abrasives

We also specialise in supplying bonded abrasives for a wide variety of metalworking applications. Our bonded abrasives are constructed as precision cutting discs and grinding discs for optimum performance every time.

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