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At SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts, we have over five decades of experience in the oil and gas market. We use selective oil and gas coatings and brush plating to repair machinery, equipment, and to enhance OEM components.

Our oil and gas coatings include:

  • Silver plating onto dynamic sealing and bearing surfaces in roller cone drill bit and seal ring production.
  • Selective brush plating of copper onto premium threaded connections, alloy premium drill pipe, risers, tubulars, and couplings to prevent galling during make-and-break operations.
  • Application of sulfamate nickel for corrosion protection in high-chloride, down-hole applications
  • Repair of worn and mechanically damaged surfaces with a combination of copper and AeroNikl
  • Onsite repair of offshore platform components

Nickel Plating

At SIFCO, we offer nickel plating services for the oil and gas industry. We provide support in all aspects of the nickel plating process from development and design, through to the final process. To ensure our plating processes perform correctly, we conduct tests for material composition.

Copper Plating

We are a world leader in selective plating technology and set the standard for quality and reliable copper plating. We provide copper plating to create premium threaded connections and have an approved vendor status from Tenaris, a leading licensor for oil field thread design. 

Anti-Galling Copper Electroplating

We use anti-galling copper electroplating where there is no margin for error on critical components. We provide high quality anti-galling copper electroplating to the oil and gas industry.

We pride ourselves in our quality and reliable plating services and create premium threaded connections to suit individual requirements. 

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