Here at SIFCO, we design a customised system to electroplate or anodise localised areas on most conductive components from as small as the head of a pin to as large as an automobile crankshaft. We provide turnkey applications to add flexibility and control to your production options.

Our selective plating solutions reduce shipping costs and scheduling issues with providing high quality coatings with minimal operator involvement. We have designed selective plating systems to enable you to engineer parts to meet your individual requirements and minimise safety and environmental issues.


Cadmium Plating

Our cadmium plating solutions are designed to meet technical aspects of your job and meet your needs and objectives. We have developed cadmium plating techniques to be cost effective for both small and large volumes of parts. We have experience of chemistry, metallurgy and electroplating enabling us to provide a high level of service.  

Chromic Anodising

We supply a diverse assortment of chromic anodising solutions to suit an assortment of requirements. Our chromic anodising solutions are available in a selection of sizes to suit your needs.  

Coatings for Aerospace

We provide high performance coatings for aerospace components to enable them to withstand high temperatures, friction and corrosive environments. Our coatings for aerospace provide cost-effective and practical solutions to enhance performance using coatings such as nickel, cadmium and other alloys.  

Coatings for Power Generation

We provide reliable coatings for power generation using surface enhancement technology.

Our coatings for power generation have benefits including:

  • Lower electrical contact resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Pre-braze coatings
  • Anti-galling
  • Surface hardness
  • Surface etching
  • Other surface enhancement

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