Sign Holders by Green Magic


Specialists in Sign Holders and Poster Frames especially for commercial and retail applications where prints, advertisements, notices etc need professional display and where the poster frame contents can be updated easily.  

Frame sizes include A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 20x30, 30x40, 40x60.

The range includes Poster Display Cases for indoor and outdoor use and poster holders made from metal, wood, acrylic and plastic, or a combination of materials.

Snap frames

Stockists of a vast range of Poster Snap Frames including silver, chrome, stainless steel, wood look, black and other colours to order.

These are also referred to as click frames because all four sides snap open (or click open) so posters and signs can be inserted and swapped over while the snap frames stays in situ.  This front load facility makes snap frames popular as office equipment or in retail shopfitting projects.

We also offer waterproof snap frames for external applications and Lockable Snap Frames when extra security is called for.

Hinged frames

One of the easiest ways to change the contents of a frame, for example to update Office Door Signs, is to use a sign holder with a hinged opening front.  Information signs or names of office occupants are displayed conveniently.

Hinged Frames are supplied in various types - for example the sleek curved face Pixquick made of crystal clear polycarbonate: and ideal product for school classroom doors, office doors, meeting rooms or doctor's surgeries.

Magnetic frames

These Magnetic Frames are used in business, office, and retail applications as a great way to display notices, adverts or instruction signs.

The back of the holder has an adhesive coating which sticks to glass, metal and many other surfaces - and it can be removed or relocated without leaving any residue.  The cover is hinged at the top and closes thanks to the magnetic surround, holding any A5, A4 or A3 print securely.

This Information Display System looks equally at home displaying a price list in a trendy salon as in a factory assembly area indicating workshop procedures.


Range of Noticeboards includes aluminium frame models for use both indoor and outdoor.

Glazed notice boards have cork backs which can be used with pins or Magnetic Notice Boards have a magnetic steel back panel upon which notices and announcements are secured with magnets.

Exterior noticeboards incorporate a weather seal and a secure lock.

LED Poster frames

Light boxes are a great way to display graphics, posters and signs illuminated from behind.  Indoors by day or at night poster light boxes add tremendous impact to any message or advertisement.

LED poster frames offer advantages over traditional light boxes.  Tiny bright LED strips illuminate the rear panel behind the poster at a very economical running cost.  The whole poster frame is super slim and fitted with a snap open front so that images can be changed whenever required.

Poster bars

Various types of hanging rails or Poster Bars are supplied for hanging posters, maps and graphics of every size.

Poster hanging systems include Poster Snaps, Poster Clamps and economical plastic poster bars.

Pavement signs

Green Magic is a supplier of Pavement Signs to the sign trade and to end users.  The pavement sign pictured has a heavy duty base which can be filled with water to make the sign stable outdoors in wind.

Other pavement signs include Snap frame A-board pavement signs.
These popular A frames serve as modern advertising sandwich boards.

Portable outdoor signs

Temporary outdoor signage is sometimes required for events or as car park signs.

Our Sign Clamper offers a solution to Portable Outdoor Sign display using correx boards or foam PVC panels clamped onto a pole secured in a heavyweight base made from 100% recycled plastic.

Other Signboard holders are offered for both indoor and outdoor use.

Freestanding floor signs

Floor signs may be required for regular or temporary signage - often the message needs to be changeable by the end user, simply by printing out a new sign on A4 or A3 paper.

Freestanding floor signs are a specialty: we offer various versions each suited to different applications.  Free standing signs vary from low cost solutions up to deluxe Menu Display Stands based on silver anodised snap frames.

Promotional signs

Panel Clamps are a great product for displaying Promotional Signs printed on foam board or similar display board.

This floor stand will clamp many sizes and thicknesses of graphic panel.  It can be used double sided if required, for example in a shop entrance to promote current offers.  Panel Clamps are convenient for mounting exhibition poster boards.

They can also be used with black snap frames as an effective A1 Poster Stand.


Blackboards or Chalkboards are popular in almost every bar, bistro or coffee shop to display tariffs or the current menu.

Pictured is a frameless chalkboard - we also offer attractive Wood Framed Chalkboards.  The can be combined with chalk pens which we also supply.

Table blackboards

Blackboards placed on the bar or on tables are popular in many a restaurant or pub.

The Table Blackboard pictured has a contemporary look and is practical to use.  The high pressure chalkboard laminate panel is held in an aluminium base which clamps the panel tightly.  These table boards can be used with chalk pens which we supply.

Ticket holders

Various Ticket Holders are offered including a well designed table card clip called Exoclip.

This card or ticket holder can be used to label food displays as they are manufactured from dishwasher safe polycarbonate plastic.  We offer other versatile point of sale ticket holders.

Tabletop sign holders

Acrylic Print Holders are just one type of the Tabletop Sign Holders we offer.

Menu holders made from acrylic (Perspex) are supplied in lean-back (single-sided) and upright (double-sided) versions.  Standard sizes are A3, A4, A5 and 1/3rd A4 (aka DL size).

Brochure holders

Leaflet holders and Brochure Holders are supplied at cheap prices yet the quality is excellent.

A4 leaflet dispenser versions are available in wall or counter versions.  A5 leaflet holders are available as single units or stacked brochure displays. 

The crystal clear appearance looks like acrylic perspex, but moulded high volume brochure holders are usually made from rigid styrene (HIPS).

Exhibition brochure stands

Brochure racks are a common feature of exhibition stands.  There are low cost and high quality options for literature holders.

Exhibition Brochure Stands are convenient to set up and take down when they fold away easily, into their own storage box or flight case.

We also offer Deluxe brochure stands in a fold away model.

Literature stands

When Literature Stands are called for in prestige showrooms, museums or galleries we have a range which looks the part without over-stretching the budget.

The InfoRack range incorporates stepped literature shelves with an optional accessory to enable a banner to be fitted to one side of the central column.  This design of literature stand also works well for smart exhibition stands.

Ceiling suspension kits

Various kits are available to cater for every situation where signs or services are to be suspended.

Our Ceiling Suspension Kits include cable attachments and wire cables.  Fitting suspension pendant cables is quick and easy.

We also offer Point of sale Hanging Accessories and systems for lighter POS items.

Wire suspension systems

We offer cable and display fittings to create neat and effective Wire Suspension Systems.

Wire loop kits and the new Urban Trapeze fitting (which looks far more presentable than Gripple cable fittings) offer opportunities for suspending signage, services such as luminaires or acoustic panels.  The self lock mechanism automatically grabs the cable - which is released simply by depressing the plunger.

Standoff wall fixings

Sign fixings for panels include Standoff Wall Fixings.  These wall sign fixings offer a more elegant solution than simple screw mounting of signs.

Standoffs are available in shiny chrome, stainless steel and various other finishes.

Garden centre signage

Green Magic Co are also specialists in Garden Centre Signage with many unique solutions developed specifically for the garden retail market.

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