Sign Trade Supplies


Sign Making Supplies

We supply a comprehensive range of materials and equipment that can be used to create most forms of signage. We carry a huge selection of stock and can cater for most needs. Please contact us for further information

Sign Writing Supplies

Sign Writing Supplies

We offer a wide range of sign making accessories from measuring tapes and rulers to scalpel blades and handles

Sign Making Materials

Sign Making Materials

We aim to cater for all your sign making needs and will supply all materials needed to complete the job, no matter what the type or scale of the project. We will be launching our new website soon, in the mean time, please use our Applegate pages to get an idea of what we can supply you and contact us

Sign Making Vinyls

Choosing the right vinyl
There are many factors which govern which vinyl to use.
1. Is the signage long term or temporary?
2. If external, what are the prevailing weather conditions?
3. What are the body work configurations?
There are two types of vinyl, and two types of adhesive, which can
be used on both types of vinyl face film. Using the right vinyl for an
intended application is vital, both to the installer, and his satisfied client.

Signwriting Banners, Fixings and Acessories

All banners are made to your requirements, with continuous welded
hems and brass eyelets.
Extra width hems can be specified to take poles.

The White and standard
colours are made from fire retardant materials, and have a matt finish.
The other colours available have semi-gloss finish.

Total block is also available. WHITE BANNERS as LISTED, contact
SALES OFFICE for longer lengths.

Standard Colours: 10% extra, Black, Red, Light Blue, Light Green,
Orange, Yellow.
Standard Colours: 20% extra, Silver, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Cream.
TOTAL BLOCK: 20% extra

Signwriting Light Boxes, Aluminium Extrusions and Frames

We can quote for the manufacture of Light Boxes
Gear Trays & Lamps Light Boxes
• Single Sided Light Boxes
• Double Sided Light Boxes – with or without wall bracket
• with or without electrics
• with or without panels

Exterior rated. Suitable for metal built-up letters with acrylic faces, rear
illumination of flat & built up letters.Twiste‘R’ must be bonded to metal
surface for heat dissipation. Available singly, 50 modules per roll

Signwriting Street Furniture

Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamps
Tamtorque sign fixing clamps are manufactured from high strength. Stainless steel, and have
a hardened tamper resistant screw with a unique recessed seven-sided socket. This means
that they can only be tightened or released with a special Tamtorque screw bit.


Aluminium Sign Blanks
11 swg aluminium sign blanks - cut to size, with or without channel, square or radius corners.
Available as: Alachrome face/grey back - white face/grey back – yellow face–Grey back.
For a quote – contact sales office with your requirements.
Alupanel sign blanks – cut to size, with or without channel,
Square or radius corners. All alupanel colours available
Contact sales office with your requirements

Signwriting Display and Point of Sale Equipment

We can supply you with all of your point of sale signage equipment, from display fixings and hooks to "A" boards

Traditional Signwriting Supplies

We stock a huge range of CRAFTMASTER products including:

Craftmaster P.P.A Adjuster

  • Craftmaster’s PPA Paint Adjuster is a special paint additive which increases
  • the flow of the paint by lubricating the paint molecules. It improves wet
  • edge time and helps paint flow during difficult painting conditions.
  • Supplied in 250ml tins.

Craftmaster Sign Writing & Lining Enamel

Craftmaster’s Sign writing and lining enamel is a high gloss enamel, formulated specially for traditional sign writing and brush lining.

Craftmaster Clear Varnish

  • Craftmaster clear varnish has been formulated specifically for varnishing over
  • Craftmaster Coach Enamels, Signwriting Enamels and Decorative Flat Colours.
  • It has been designed to flow well and to produce a flat mirror-like finish without
  • leaving brush marks. For this reason it takes approximately 10 days to fully cure
  • to it’s maximum hardness, however, it is touch dry in 4 hours and overcoating
  • can be done after 24 hours. It is extremely tough once fully cured but remains
  • flexible. Supplied in 1Ltr tins.

Sign Making Substrates

We supply the following sustrates,amongst others, for sign making purposes:


PVC Foam Sheet
Sizes Available: 8’x4’ (2440x1220mm), 10’x5’ (3050x1530mm), 10’x6’ (3050x2030mm)
Colours Available: Red, Strawberry Red, Green, Dark Green, Light Blue,
Dark Blue, Yellow, Sunburst, Orange, Ivory, Grey


Sizes: 2440 x 1220mm / 3050 x 1500mm
Colours Available: Light Ivory 1015, Traffic Yellow 1023, Traffic Red 3020, Ultramarine Blue 5002,
Blue 5022, Green 6005, Traffic Green 6024, Jet Black 9005, Silver 9006

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