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For over 20 years, Signex have been building professional audio patch panels. Our products include patch cords, patch bays and accessories. We provide audio patch panels for both commercial and trade use.

Isopatch Bantam Pro-Series - PST96

The Isopatch Bantam Pro-Series - PST96 is extremely reliable and an excellent value. The Isopatch Bantam Pro-Series - PST96 has a stunning metallic blue front panel and can be used for complicated applications.

Isopatch Bantam - CPT96

The Isopatch Bantam - CPT96 is commonly used in professional studios as it offers excellent performance. The Isopatch Bantam - CPT96 is solid and has special programme points for normalising.  

Isopatch - CPJ48

The Isopatch - CPJ48 is our best seller as it boasts 48 jacks and a fully-enclosed design. The Isopatch - CPJ48 is solid and is visually appealling with smart, chromed rings. 

Smartpatch - ARC32

The Smartpatch - ARC32 allows connections between input and outputs. The Smartpatch - ARC32 is simple to use and has an LED display to show the connections.

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