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Our Application Engineers welcome the opportunity to discuss your Position Measurement and Control applications to help achieve the results you need -- however basic or complex your measurement challenge appears.

Magnetic & Optical Linear Encoders

Linear Distance Measuring Systems

A sensor moves in proximity to a magnetic tape or glass scale to produce a digital signal. This signal is then processed to relate to position along the axis. This non-contact technology provides a maintenance free solution to most linear or angular, absolute or incremental position measurement.

Available in:

Incremental Version 

Provides direct linear and rotary position feedback normally with reference to a datum on the axis. The rotary version offers an alternative to optical encoders where on shaft mounting without maintenance or high environmental IP rating may be required.

Available with:
  •     Resolution to from 10 to 0.0002 mm
  •     Digital Outputs either Push Pull or TTL
  •     Lengths upto 160 metres possible
  •     To IP67 Protection
  •     Operating Speeds upto 25 metres per second
  •     Low Cost Low Resolution Versions

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Magnetic & Optical Linear Encoders

Magnetic & Optical Rotary Encoders

A new generation of rotary encoders using the proven magnetic measurement principle. This extremely robust technology offers our customers endless application possibilities of obtaining distance, angle and speed information where equivalent optical sensors prove unreliable. This technology compliments our established optical range.

Comprehensive range available with either hollow or solid shaft mounting. Case diameters 24 mm to 105 mm include industry standard sizes to allow interchangeability with most other encoder manufacturers.

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Magnetic & Optical Rotary Encoders

Wire Actuated Sensors

A pre-stretched stainless steel wire simply connects to the moving part on the machine. As the wire extends a spring loaded drum rotates which has either a display, potentiometer, incremental or absolute encoder connected to it. This signal can then be used to measure position or speed. A device designed to be used in situations where other types of linear transducers cannot be applied and where mechanical errors such as backlash must be eliminated.

Available with;

  • 250 mm to 15 metre measuring range
  • Maximum 3 metres per second travel speed
  • Resolution to 0.005 mm
  • Accuracy to 0.05% of the measuring range
  • 4-20mA current, 0-10 volts or resistance analogue output range
  • Absolute or Incremental Encoder Output
Wire Actuated Sensors

Rotary and Linear Potentiometers

Widely applied to industrial machines potentiometers are used for absolute position measurement of angles and lengths. Since they are absolute detecting systems, potentiometers keep the actual position data at power off: therefore eliminating the need for any future re-datum proceedure. This can be for safety reasons or to reduce machine set up time. Rotary geared potentiometers are available with a comprehensive range of gear ratios to suit most applications and the linear version with measuring strokes ranging from 25 to 990 mm.


  • Hollow and solid shaft mounting from 6mm to 20 mm diameter shafts
  • Linear measurent from 25mm to 950 mm
  • Potentiometer,voltage or current outputs
  • To IP68 Protection
  • Gear ratios from 0.1 turns to 5000 turns for full range output ar available
Rotary and Linear Potentiometers

Shaft Mounted Geared Motors

An innovative geared motor assembly with integrated position sensor,bus communication and motor controller. Through its hollow shaft design allows mounting direct to the adjustment shaft which conventionally would have been manually turned.This allows the drive to be used on both new and existing designs. So very easy to retrofit to existing machinery where customers are looking to significantly optimize set up times.

Available with;

  • Torque output up to 15 Nm
  • Hollow or solid shaft mounting from 8 mm to 20 mm diameter
  • Absolute / Incremental Encoder or Potentiometer position sensor
  • Integrated Fieldbus Communication via Profibus or CAN Open
  • External or internal PWM motor controller allows torque to be maintained at low speeds
  • Various gear ratios to allow speed range from 80 RPM to 1600 RPM
  • Spring Applied Holding Brake
Shaft Mounted Geared Motors

Position Controllers

The excitingly NEW MX04 controller represents a system solution for monitored axis adjustments on production machinery. Developed to be used in conjunction with the bus-enabled position indicator AP04, this device helps to increase the efficiency of production machines by significantly reducing set-up times. Retrofitting the units to boost the productivity of existing installations also presents no problem. The entire system is designed for simple installation and operation. The controller performs the parameterisation of the connected position indicators as well as the management of up to 99 setpoint records. Axis mounted position indicator AP04 displays the relevant setpoint and actual value, and the positioning status is clearly indicated by means of a two-colour LED. Setpoint programming is effected by the teach-in method. Retrofitting to existing installations is simple by the fact that position indicator AP04 is identical to mechanical spindle position indicators DA04 and DA09S in its mounting dimensions. Fitting therefore does not require any physical changes to be made to the machine itself. Nor does the automonous system solution made up of MX04 and AP04 require any connection to a PLC, which means that fitting and operation can be managed easily even without programming skills. Both production quality and machine efficiency can thereby be increased considerably at a very modest expense.

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Position Controllers

Shaft Mounted Position Indicators

Mounting directly to a rotating shaft gives an easy to read digital display. Common application to leadscrew adjustment to give linear or rotary position indication. Suits both repeatable or actual distance moved applications.


  • Plastic or metal housings
  • Electronic Version display to 0.001 mm or 0.1 degree and application programmable
  • Shaft Mounting from 6 mm to 35 mm diameter to suit most shaft designs
  • Huge range of gear ratios available as standard
  • Water and Dust proof Housings
  • Range of indicators with integrated adjustment knobs
Shaft Mounted Position Indicators

Electronic Indicators

Electronic Displays that can be driven by incremental/absolute encoders and analogue signals either potentiometric,voltage or current. All displays available are application programmable: have a non-volatile memory, can be scaled, operate in relative an absolute mode, and have the option of serial interface.


  • Measurement of speed, angle or distance
  • LED and LCD indication
  • User Programmable Parameters to allow use on most applications
  • Bench Case or Panel Mounting
  • RS232 or 485 Interface option to connect to a PC
Electronic Indicators

Inclinometer Tilt Angle Sensors

The new IK360 inclinometer from Siko now provides ultimate accuracy in absolute measurement technology over 360°.The sensor uses the natural force of gravity to accurately map positions with a system accuracy of +/- 0.1° in a 360° area. The absolute measurement technique of the IK360, makes reference runs after start-up or following a period of idle time unnecessary. The compact IK360 also benefits from quick and easy installation and is available with a variety of different interfaces.

The IK360 rounds off SIKO's extensive portfolio of magnetic and non-contact measuring systems from the MagLine product range.


  •     Single -axis Position Sensing 0 ... 360°
  •     Accuracy 0.1°
  •     Resolution 0.01°
  •     Interfaces RS232+I(Curent), RS232+U(Voltage), CANopen
  •     Temperature compensated
  •     IP69K Protection for application in the worst environments
  •     Simple to mount via three-point fixing
Inclinometer Tilt Angle Sensors

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