Silclear Ltd.

Tried, Tested and Proven to meet all the exacting requirements within the parlour

Silclear does not crack, erode, perish or become porous and therefore does not support bacterial growth. Silclear is a totally different material to conventional rubber. Silclear is not deteriorated at all by light, air and dairy cleaning chemicals or milkstone remover.

Silclear meets all EC and international hygiene standards, its smooth internal and external surfaces are easy to clean and sterilise, helping to reduce tour TBCs and keep your milk in the premium payment band. Tests have shown that Silclear is over 9 times more hygenic than conventional milking rubbers after 12 months use.

Quality Silicone for Long Life
Silclear use specially formulated high grade medical silicones optimised for maximum strength, tear resistance, and optical clarity. Different formulations are used for different Silclear products, which means that each product has the best possible material properties for it's particular application. Silclear is an ISO 9002 Quality Assured Company.

Careful control of all manufacturing parameters and good manufacturing practices ensure that all Silclear products are of the highest quality. The visual clarity allows easy monitoring of milk and vacuum lines which assists with cleanliness, and milking machine maintenance.

Flexible & Strong
Silclear is flexible, easy to install and does not go stiff and brittle even down to 70°C below freezing! It is not deteriorated at all by U.V. light, ozone, or temperatures up to 200°C.

As Silclear tube is lighter than conventional rubber tube, pull on the cluster is lessened, reducing slippage, and improving teat contact.

The proven durability means that Silclear will give you a host of benefits at a lower overall cost.

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