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Silverline UK Ltd specialise in the manufacture, retail and wholesale of water treatment equipment for domestic and commercial applications.

With water filters and water treatment systems for well, borehole and spring water (private water supplies) together with a wide range of filtration equipment for businesses and households using municipally treated water Silverline UK Ltd can supply all your drinking water filtration requirements.

Ultra violet water sterilisers, self cleaning units for iron plus specialist systems are available for the well , borehole and spring water treatment  whilst we offer many different types of water filters, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water chillers, filter taps plus assorted accessories for households using municipally treated water.  As manufacturers we also have the ability to provide bespoke systems built to customer requirements.

A free advisory service is available, particularly relevant when treating well and borehole water but also useful for those unfamiliar with water filtration.  Discussions with clients regarding their precise requirements and circumstances enable our specialists to suggest the most appropriate and properly sized equipment for efficient, cost effective performance.  For well and borehole water a test report is useful so we can see the levels of contamination and specify for it accordingly.

Being a family run company we aim to provide helpful excellent customer service.   Our friendly, knowledgeable staff offer a helpful, friendly, personal service where the needs of customers are our priority.  When you call us in office hours on 01805 804202 you can be sure of a friendly welcome.

Well, Borehole and Spring Water Treatment

Our well and bore hole equipment available includes

  • pH correction units to neutralise acidic water which can cause damage to metallic tanks and pipework.
  • Iron and Manganese removal systems to stop staining of baths and sanitaryware.
  • Ultra violet sterilisers to kill bacteria and provide safe drinking water
  • Nitrate removal systems
  • Arsenic removal units
  • Turbidity and particle removal

Under Counter Water Filter Systems

Drinking water systems to improve taste and quality of drinking water that remain in place for up to 2 years.  Capable of removing chemicals (including herbicides and pesticides) plus chlorine responsible for an unpleasant taste in water our Standard filters are easy to fit and convenient to use.  For those more concerned with water quality our Heavy Metal reduction filters do everything the Standard filters offer AND combat heavy metals such as lead and aluminium plus fluoride and nitrates

Cartridge Water Filter Systems

Cartridge filter systems have replaceable inner cartridges to deal with many different problems. 

  • Sediment prevention
  • Chlorine, chemical and particle removal
  • Heavy metal, chlorine, chemical, nitrate and fluoride
  • Limescale inhibitor cartridges
  • Calcium removal
  • Nitrate removal

Whole House Water Filters

Whole house filters in the regular 'Standard' model to remove chlorine and chemicals or the deluxe 'Heavy Metal Reduction' model with additional capability to combat heavy metals, fluoride and nitrates with capacity to treat a whole house.  These filters treat all the household water and can help those with eczema and other skin conditions.


Water Softeners

Water softeners treat water with high levels of calcium and magnesium salts Classified as ‘hard’ water.  The softeners attach to the rising main and collect the hard water salts before the water passes into the household system.  Once the softener is ‘full’ they clean themselvesunder control of automatic valves then return to operation collecting hardness once more.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis systems to produce totally pure water by passing water under pressure through a very fine membrane. 

Water Chillers

Water Chillers that fit under the kitchen sink, often coupled with a water filter to provide really cold, fresh wholesome water.  Lovely on hot days for that really refreshing drink.

Taps for Water Filters

Small filter taps are available in different styles and finishes for drinking water systems to dispense the filtered water.  These fit to the sink or work top alongside your existing kitchen tap.
Triflo taps in several styles are also available.  These taps replace the main tap on the kitchen sink and dispense your normal hot and cold water but have an extra, separate line for your filtered or chilled water.  This provides the benefit of hygienic filtered water that can not be contaminated by residue from the untreated water but avoids the need for an extra tap on your sink or work top.

Spare Parts and Accesories

Spares and accessories are available for our products including replacement UV lamps, replacement filter cartridges and replacement water filter cylinders for the under counter systems.

Bespoke Systems

Silverline UK Limited offer a very wide selection of water filtration equipment.  However we are aware that some clients require something very specialist.  For the Department for International Development we created a water purification box and are happy to discuss these requirements/projects with our clients.

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