Simbal Ltd.

Specialists in:
Electrical Supply Systems for Machines on the Move

Supplying Power and Control solutions for:
Cranes ¿ Hoists ¿ Floor Cars ¿ Transfer Cars ¿
Conveyors ¿ Sewerage Bridges ¿ Hangar Doors ¿
Recovery Vehicles ¿ Kiln Cars ¿ Automated
Warehouse & Racking Systems ¿ Robotic Applications ¿ etc.

  • Festoon Cable & Hose Systems ¿ Operating on Wire Ropes, RSJ¿s, Diamond Profiles & ¿C¿ Rail Systems
  • Mobilis ¿Elite¿ Conductor Systems ¿ A multi-pole design with up to 5 conductors of 20 ¿ 200Amp in a compact housing. The snap together system makes installation fast and easy
  • Flexible Cables ¿ In Flatform, Circular and Extensible construction in PVC, Polyurethane or Neoprene Rubber with or without screens.
  • Radio Controls ¿ For factory cranes, Lorry cranes, Recovery Vehicles, Industrial Doors & Gates, Quarry plant, Lighting etc. Radio control allows you to be in the safest position for control of equipment.
  • Pendant Controllers ¿ Allows the operator to wander to the extent of a flexible cable length.
  • Cable & Hose Reeling Drums ¿ With either Spring or Motor drives, for both light and heavy duty applications.
  • Cable Chains ¿ In Steel, Plastic or Stainless Steel for Robotic applications
  • Tool Balancers ¿ Lighten the load and reduce operator fatigue and injuries on production lines.
  • Rubber Buffers ¿ Absorb the impact and save wear & tear on structures and electrical equipment
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