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Sitenett Systems specialise in the installation and support of IT, communications and networking technologies. By dealing directly with the engineers who install the product you are not only getting an honest approach, but also not subsidising salaries of sales teams and call centres.

We work either directly with end clients or subcontract to other technology companies and ISPs who would not normally have the in-house skills or capabilities to undertake more specialist work in sometimes challenging environments.

Our main area of operations are Northern England north from Sheffield and covering Scotland.

We are the only UK company set up to provide and specialising in temporary, fixed line, site communications to construction companies. Using a method that we have developed over six years and many sites, we can have telephone lines and broadband access in place, ready for the site cabins being delivered. Our approach is also designed to offer substantial savings over BT Openreach doing all the work not only at the start of the project, but also when cabins and show houses need to move.
We are the only company who will take care of everything onsite from the phone lines to the PCs on the desk and supporting them if needs be.

Other services to the construction industry include time lapse project videos and time & attendance control systems.

Cellular relay systems are also a unique area that we are leaders in. These are systems that brings mobile and cell phone coverage into areas that don’t normally receive a signal. Examples are new buildings and offices where modern insulation and glazing effectively blocks the cellphone signal. We offer a full professional in-house design and installation of cellular relay repeater systems in the UK and can bring coverage to even the largest buildings.

With CCTV technology now converging with IP based computer networks, we are well placed to provide services based on traditional, IP or a hybrid video network. We work with all makes of equipment having CCTV engineers with over 25 years experience in-house. We also provide technologies that are not normally offered by traditional CCTV providers. These include ANPR, automatic number plate recognition systems, ideal for car parks, petrol stations, trunk roads and sensitive facilities.
IP based ground radar which can control cameras and track moving objects to 800m. These low cost systems are used in airports, military bases to sensitive facilities and VIP protection. Another example of a specialist CCTV technology are infra red cameras. The little brothers of the units installed on Police and rescue helicopters these are designed to pick up objects that are a different temperature from their surroundings, effectively seeing objects in total darkness. Again our in-house expertise in this area includes a specialist with experience in radar systems and search & rescue using infra red cameras.

Wireless networks are an area we have extensive experience in. From complete in-building wireless network coverage to outdoor hotspots and microwave point to point links covering many kilometres. We can install everything from a single data radio on a bracket to full communications masts, providing a turnkey solution right down to the radio spectrum licencing.

To support these technologies we are geared up for the job. We work with all types of cable incl fibre optics. We have extensive plant and equipment including light mechanical and civil engineering equipment, access equipment and cable installation plant. We are happy to work in almost all environments from offices to roads and railways.

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