Smartebike based in North London/Hertfordshire supply a range of electric bikes and tricycles that are both exciting and reliable with good local backup and support.

Electric bicycles provide a very low cost solution for local transportation (typically using 5 pence worth of electricity to charge the battery for 20 miles cycling) without the need for a driving licence, road tax or insurance.

Basic Electric bikes

These are the bikes used to go down to the shops or over to the pub. They can also be stowed on the back of a motorhome. Our Urban Mover UM44S, UM44SL and UM55 or Salisbury LPX or Windsor LPX fall into this category. Available in both step over and step through styles and fitted with luggage racks this are ideally suited to local trips and are light enough to be lifted on to a cycle rack on the back of your car or motorhome.

Folding Electric Bikes

The folding electric bike can be used as a proper motor assisted ebike with the advantage of being able to be folded into a small size that can easily be stored in the hallwy or a small cupboard and will fit into the back of almost any car, caravan or motorhome or . These are not toy electric bikes but with a range of 20 miles or more they provide a very convenient and comfortable means of transport

Commuting/Off Road Electric Bikes

This is probably our biggest range of electric bikes covering the commuting bike with full mud guards and smoother tyres and the off road bike with more basic mud protectors and knobbly tyres. With front suspension for comfort some of them even have a full range of 24 gears should you ever feel like turning the motor off and pedalling yourself along! Included in this group are the Urban Mover UM44S and UM44SL, Infineum Extreme and the City Light Mark II

Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycles are ideal solution for the person who feels they cannot balance on a 2 wheel bicycle. Apart from custom design trikes we supply the Batritrike which has a unique frame desin allowing the frame to tilt into corners. This feature, which can be locked out by means of a simple lever on the handlebars, improves stability round corners and allows the trike to have a narrower wheelbase enabling it to pass easily through a standard doorway.

Electric Tricycles

Long distance/Fast Electric Bikes

These electric bikes have a longer range because they can have multiple batteries. The Ultra Motor A2B Metro can have a battery mounted on the back and or another one stored in the frame. This bicycle also has a go faster button for use off the road which enables the motor to take you up to 20 miles and hour. The Infineum Extreme has a very clever battery design which allows you to stack and lock additional batteries on top of the one cunningly hidden in the rack of the bicycle

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