SMileS is a Business Mobile Content Solutions provider. Our online portal enables you the ability to deliver any type of message you wish - Bulk SMS, MMS, WAP, Premium Rate Content services etc.

There are many benefits in integrating SMS products into your portfolio. From marketing, competitions, feedback responses, surveys, reminders, alerts etc the list can go on;

With SMS we can offer a very long list of services, some of which are;  
  • Bulk SMS campaigns – for marketing to product updates
  • Premium rate SMS services (used for information services, competitions etc)
  • Interactive messaging – allows customer response to trigger the next event/message
  • Feedback responses
  • Surveys
  • Crowd participation solutions
We also have a Reminder Services offering (web based product resembling Microsoft Outlook for familiarity).

SMileS, as part of ME Consultancy Ltd can also provide access to a range of telecoms solutions for your business.
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