Smith's (Harlow) Ltd


Smith's have both Long Bed and Short Bed Machines Tools to cater for the Aerospace Aero structure sector. These include multi spindle 3 & 5 axis Long bed machines of up to 37,185mm in length x 3,870mm wide.

Aero Engine & Nacelle Components

The Aero Engine section of the business caters for many OEM's Prismatic type components are typically up a metre cube whereas ring type components are within 300mm to 3,200mm diameter range.

Landing Gear

 Established in 1984 Smith's (Harlow) Aerospace Ltd is a overhaul and repair facility.

D1 approval in Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection.
Penerant system can take components up to 2m in length.
MPI bench 1.5m in length.

Quality & Approvals

Smith's have a large number of quality approvals, many of which are customer specific.
General Approvals include:

BS EN ISO 9001:2008
AS9100 Rev B
JAR 145 & FAA (Repair & Overhaul)
See Plant List for CMM and Part Marking capabilities.  

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