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Synergy Logistics Ltd, established in 1972, is a UK based software company that focuses on developing effective warehouse management systems (WMS) for clients, ranging from global organisations to SMBs.

Our latest solution is Snapfulfil, which utilises the power of the web to deliver a functionally rich and powerful WMS directly to your desktop. This approach enables the busy warehouse manager to acquire a new WMS as a 'Service', rather than invest hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of pounds in a major implementation.

Despite this simple approach to Software as a Service, Snapfulfil is anything but simple! Included within the single monthly subscription are hand held barcode scanners for the warehouse operatives. Each device is permanently connected to the Snapfulfil system via Radio Frequency or RF. This ensures that every warehouse operative is driven around the operation is Real Time, not only verifying each put away and pick, but also measuring their efficiency and utilisation.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) delivered as a Fully Managed Service (SaaS)

Warehouse Management Solutions are one of the key tools to help a warehouse manager to increase efficiency and drive savings within their operation. Typically acquisition and implementation headaches prevent most warehouse managers from using this important tool.

Snapfulfil WMS is "a better way".

Snapfulfil is a comprehensive "Tier 1" WMS, complete with full RF/Barcode scanning equipment and sophisticated functionality, but
with NO CAPEX required!

Snapfulfil is offered as a Service, or SaaS. With Snapfulfil there are no capital costs, no tricky finance leases, no long drawn out projects, just the solution you need, including RF Barcode Scanners/Mobile Computers and infrastructure, all implementation, training and integration processes, in fact everything you need to streamline your operation.

Is it Cloud Computing?

The Snapfulfil Warehouse Management System is different!

Unlike most software companies, even those who claim to be offering the power of "the Cloud", Snapfulfil uses the "Cloud" to host the software, but rather than charge you for installing and implementing the software, we don't charge you a penny. One single monthly subscription, often paid from the savings you make, is all you need to benefit from a comprehensive Warehouse Management System in your warehouse.

This methodology not only saves you the cost of the hardware, but also ensures that all support and updates are easily carried out. One simple call to our UK Support Desk and your questions are answered, by a real person and your system is looked after, 24 hours a day. 

Who we are?

Synergy Logistics, established in 1972, is a UK based software company that focuses on developing effective Warehouse Management Systems for clients, ranging from global organisations to SMBs.

Significant and continuous R&D investment ensures we remain at the forefront of advances in WMS technology, whilst maintaining rock solid reliability.  

What can we do for you?

Our focus on the needs of the modern warehouse ensures that we develop solutions ideally suited to the significant operational demands faced by our clients, in a clear, simple and intuitive way.

How do we do it?

Snapfulfil Warehouse Management System (WMS) is delivered as a high performance managed service designed to provide a WMS as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to your desktop

Snapfulfil SaaS WMS is backed by Synergy Logistics Ltd and is hosted on a "SAS 70" certified  multi-site environment, with a resilient and redundant data network to protect your business critical data. Advanced 'Cloud' computing power ensures high availability and security to the most exacting  standards. All this - with no extra IT systems to pay for, install and maintain.

What does it cost?

With a low monthly subscription including hand held RF, bar code scanning terminals and 'Real Time' task allocation, Snapfulfil is a breakthrough in WMS affordability.

Why is it better?

We are convinced that Snapfulfil SaaS Warehouse Management Solutions are "A Better Way" to get the service you need in your warehouse and here are..

Live Demonstration

Now you have seen what we say Snapfulfil SaaS WMS can deliver to your business, why not ask us to prove it?

Click here your interest and we will schedule a convenient time to perform an online demonstration or visit your offices and show you exactly what Snapfulfil SaaS WMS can do for you and your operation, 'live' within the software, not just a PowerPoint slide show and empty promises.


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What is Snapfulfil

Snapfulfil is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is conceptually innovative, functionally rich and technically advanced. So what is different? It is a fully hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution delivered as part of a complete package. The functionality of Snapfulfil is broken down into discrete modules which cover all the activities in the warehouse:

- Receiving
- Warehouse Resource Supervision & Management
- Inventory Control
- Order Management
- Picking
- Despatch
- Perpetual Audit
- Yard Management

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