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Welcome to Soken Engineering

Here at Soken you can see our current range of  heat sealers and packaging that Soken Engineering supply.

This includes machinery for heat sealing foods for:

  • Sandwiches
  • Ready meals
  • Packaging we recommend

We have a modern and well equipped factory established in comjunction with ISO 9000 standardsSoken manufacture our own machinery, enabling us to offer a full  spares and additional tooling as and when required.



Manual Sealers

Soken offer 3 Table Top Manual Sealers:

  • HS20D
  • HS22
  • HS25

These are hand operated, hinge actioned sealers that cover various types of material to seal from film to cardboard. They all are a standard 13A electrical supply but with various rated amps.

They cover a range of uses:

  • Cpet and PP ready meal trays
  • Plastic and sandwich packs

Each sealer has a unique application, please take a look at the exact specifications for our manual sealers.

Manual Sealers

Manual and Semi-automatic Board Sealers

Our HS35 range of high pressure sealers can seal the latest cardboard packaging:

  • Sandwiches,
  • Baguette,
  • Pasta,
  • Salad,
  • Tortilla and
  • Noodle boxes

Our sealers allow multiple packs to be sealed at once and  four sandwiches or tortilla wrap in one go.

Esay tooling allows many sealing options with very little down for you and we have Manual and Autonatic versions available.

They are constructed from stainless steel ensuring a long service life. Our board sealers  have high speed linear automatics ensuring reliable sealing and low maintenanance costs.

The keyu features are:

  • Versatile and cost effective
  • Air powered option
  • Air fittings supplied
  • Rugged, reliable and simple





Manual and Semi-automatic Board Sealers

Automatic Plastic Sealers

We have two models of Plastic Sandwich Pack Sealers, the HS40 and the HS50.

The key features of our plastic pack sealers are:

  • Reliable rugged construction
  • Simple to operate and move
  • Will fit in a medium sized hatchback car
  • The HS50 can be fitted with a label applicator
  • Sealing temperature is easily adjustable
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High speed sealing

Please have a look at the wbesite to get the full specifications and details of the HS40 and HS50 automatic plastic sealers.

Automatic Plastic Sealers

Automatic Cardboard Sealers

Our machines are designed to mett your needs for consistent, reliable and efficient high speed cardboard packaging sealing. They are a progression from the HS40 and HS50. The HS52 and HS60 have many features of these machines but builds on their strengths. We have increased versatility of high temperature and pressure sealing as well as an accurate indexing system. They will seal the latest biodegradable cardboard packaging . The HS52 cardboard sealer can seal upto 1400 packs per hour  and the HS60 upto 3300.

Automatic Cardboard Sealers

Bag Sealers

At Soken Engineering all  our bag sealers are made of  a robust metal construction and feature as standard a slide cutter. This can be removed simply if not required.

We can also supply you with  all the consumables. These will include the elements and teflon strips as well as band or wire elements to suit all your application needs.

Bag Sealers
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