Solartron Analytical

Solartron Analytical designs and manufactures instrumentation and software for the rapid and accurate characterisation and analysis of materials and systems. Using the power technique of impedance spectroscopy, Solartron products allow investigation into the physical and chemical properties of materials and electrolytes. A small, non-destructive variable electrical signal is passed through the material under test (solid or liquid) and the impedance is measured over a range of frequencies. The measured information can be used to gain a valuable insight into the properties of the material under test. This technique can be applied in a wide range of applications including organic coatings and corrosion inhibitor studies to research into sensors, batteries and fuel cells as well as characterisation of materials such as dielectrics, ferroelectrics and composites. With over 50 years experience, Solartron have a wide range of Frequency Response Analyzers, Potenstiostats and Materials Test systems.
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