Solas Lights for Life

Solas Lights for Life

Premier LED Lighting Specialist
for interioror & exterior lighting solutions

LED Lighting is:
  • Flexible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost efficient
Solas provides lighting design to help you make the most of your buildingboth inside and out.  Due to the range of sizes and colours of LED Lighting Solas can create much more creative solutions than companies using normal sources of light.

LED lighting is estimated to last over 50,000 hours - much lower maintenance, and much less waste.  LED Technology also uses less than 20% of the energy of normal lighting, reducing the amount of power required and CO2 emmisions of the company.

20% of the power and lasting 20x as long eads to extremely cost effective lighting when compared to normal lighting designs.  Particularly useful for lighting inaccessible areas, such as high ceilings, or  for emergency lighting which you do not want to unexpectedly go out.
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