Solutions 4 Plastic


Solutions 4 Plastic is a specialist in bioplastics. Our range includes:

  • Compostable film & bags
  • Compostable tableware, cutlery & containers
  • Biodegradable/compostable packaging products and resins

All certified to the EN13432 standard.

We can also supply

  • Water soluble plastic films, bags & containers
  • Water soluble plastic pellets for injection or blow moulding

All of which are completely biodegradable & ton-toxic

In addition we offer specialist advice specifically relating to biodegradable, compostable & water soluble plastics along with providing technical assistance for the specification of processing equipment for these new polymers along with suitable processing parameters & operator training.

With many years of practical experience in this emerging sector our advice will assist in learning about these biopolymers & how you can introduce them into your product range

For example, recently Solutions 4 Plastic has worked with a number of clients and assisted with the development of the following products:

  • Compostable air pillows 
  • Compostable Bubble Wrap 
  • Compostable carrier bags

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