Soteria Safety Ltd


Soteria Safety has a unique and pragmatic approach to client requirements. It is based upon the premise that the most effective HS&E solutions are those that have been developed in partnership with the client in order to meet their specific needs.

  Soteria Safety has a broad portfolio of services available which when combined with the expertise of our professionally qualified consultants, associates and specialists will ensure a high level of performance, quality and cost effectiveness.
The Soteria Safety expertise and level of service provision is relevant to the full range of businesses and organisations. The current customer base is extensive and includes defence, technology, local authorities, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and security to name a few.

In the face of increasingly stringent legislation, and more than at any time in the past, health, safety and environmental issues demand effective action within organisations of all kinds. Soteria Safety can provide a comprehensive, yet completely pragmatic and cost effective solution to all your health, safety and environmental needs. "
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