Sound Dead Steel


Acoustic Enclosures and Industrial Noise and Vibration Control

Sound Dead Steel received the John Connell Technology Award 2005 by the Noise Abatement Society & DEFRA for their materials contribution to industrial noise and vibration control.

SDS is ISO 9001 certified.

Sound Dead Steel Ltd

  • Constrained layer damped steel
  • Aluminium and noise absorbent acoustic damping foams

We manufacture super silent exhaust systems, acoustic enclosures, machine guarding and supply industrial kits to dampen noisy guards, hoppers, self assembly enclosures. 

Sound Dead Steel controls sonic and vibrational energy

Sound Dead Steel have branded the material as Sonphonon, SON is from SONic and PHONON is a measure of vibrational energy.

SONPHONON optimises constrained layer damping to reduce impact noise, radiated noise and vibration. If you imagine steel/aluminium with the acoustic properties of lead you will have an idea of how it behaves.

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