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Since being founded in 1979, at South Wales Time Recorder we aim to provide you with the most suitable time management systems right for you. We have grown to cover a wide base of industry sectors from SME’s to Blue Chip Organisations, providing an extensive range of products from leading manufacturers.

The types of products we include within our time management systems range from traditional time card clocking in machines to computerised systems which incorporate time, attendance, job costing, payroll links and door entry. This selection of high quality systems ensure we provide you with the correct service and support to work seamlessly within your business.

Time Card Systems

At South Wales Time Recorder, we provide a dynamic selection of both new and replacement time card systems, all at competitive prices which include a 5 year warranty. Other benefits of our time card systems include a free starter pack, which includes card rack, 100 cards and warranty. Along with quick delivery times and exceptional after sales support it’s an offer which can be missed.

The range of systems we current have available are:

  • DT3000
  • UT2000
  • TM920
  • CM730
  • TS350

Each system as a variety of key features ranging from 6 clocking’s per employee per day, fully automatic, 2 colour printing to fully operational battery back up to name a just a few of the incredible benefits of our systems have to offer.

Time Card Systems

Direct >> Time Computerised System "The complete in a box self install system"

The Direct >> time computerised system is the complete in a box self-install system, with offering simple defined daily and weekly work patterns that are calculate using the user friendly software to define overtime rules. This wall mounted clocking thermal, replaces laborious calculations thanks to its fully automated system providing total hours worked calculations, improving efficiency and reducing human error.

Using our Direct >> time computerised system “The complete in box self-install system” will save you both time and money. Our range of systems comprise of the Proximity system, Fingerprint system and i clock touch system. Each system has a diverse range features such as a collect of clocking’s via network or usb memory stick, along with 75 or unlimited employee capacity calculating basic and 4 overtime rates.

Direct >> Time Computerised System  "The complete in a box self install system"

Time Cards

We provide an extensive range of time cards suitable for a large selection of time keeping requirements. Each of our cards have a huge selection of fields from name and employee number to showing times in and out both day,  weekly and monthly along with payed amount.

Each of our time cards come in packs of 100 as standard, in either weekly or monthly and are suitable for all the systems we currently stock.

Time Cards
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