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Southern Tank Services Ltd. are specialists in plastic and steel oil tank installation and supply. We are authorised stockists and distributors of Atlas and Harlequin Plastics range of tanks and associated products such as pumps, hoses & nozzles, gauges and ancillaries and services including oil tank replacement, temporary tank hire, redundant tank removal, inspections and pipe testing and most other services.

We supply oil and water tanks across mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland to domestic, commercial and agricultural clients for heating oil, vehicle fuels including diesel, bio-diesel and petrol, waste oils and lubricating oils, rainwater, potable and non-potable water and chemicals. We also supply a full range of road legal fuel bowsers and site fuel bowers as well as road legal water bowsers and site water bowers, spill kits and barrel & drum bunds

Further details about just some of our products can be seen below:


Bunded Fuel Oil Tanks

Bunded oil tanks from Harlequin, Deso Engineering, Atlas Tanks, Envirostore and Western Environmental. If you can't see a bunded oil tank to meet your needs from these manufacturers, please contact us for further options, as we can source bunded fuel oil tanks of different dimensions from other manufactures including fire resistant oil tanks and custom made steel oil tanks.

Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks

Our range of bunded diesel storage tanks from Harlequin, Atlas, deso Engieering and Western and steel fuel tanks made to order. All are complete with pump, hose and nozzle for the clean, quick and convinient diesel fuel and gasoil dispensing for a fully complient fuel tank that meets pollution prevention guidelines of PPG2

Please click on the links above to see the range of diesel storage and dispensing tanks.

All diesel fuel tanks in these categories now come with a free Oil Spill Kit


Steel Diesel Storage tanks

 Steel bunded diesel storage tank range. Designed for ground level dispensing. Pump options available including hand pump, 12v, 24v, 110v, 240v and petrol driven. bio diesel specific pumps are also available. High security design. 1000L (220gl) to 27000L (6000gl). The 10EB, 22EB and 30EB are UN approved to transport diesel on the highway if required.

Underground Oil Tanks

Underground oil tanks from 1370 litres to 3090 litres. Our range of underground oil storage tanks are designed and manufactured as a strong and durable one piece moulding.

Tank Product Range

  • Bunded Fuel Oil Tank Range
  • Harlequin Adv. Bunded Oil Tanks
  • Harlequin Basic Bunded Oil Tank
  • Envirostore Bunded Oil Tanks
  • DESO Bunded Oil Tanks
  • Atlas Bunded Oil Tanks
  • PolyRock Bunded oil tanks
  • Steel Bunded Fuel Oil Tanks
  • Harlequin biodiesel BioBunds
  • Single Skin Oil Tank Range
  • Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Atlas Fuel Depot diesel tanks
  • Deso Diesel Fuel Dispensers
  • Harlequin FuelPoint diesel tank
  • Harlequin Fuel Station, Diesel
  • Harlequin Bio Diesel Fuel Tanks
  • Steel Diesel Storage tanks
  • Underground Oil Tanks
  • Fuel and Diesel Bowsers
  • Transcube Bowsers
  • Transportable Diesel Tanks
  • Small portable Diesel Tanks
  • Transcube Transportable Diesel
  • Abbi Transportable diesel tanks
  • Transcube Standby
  • Petrol Storage Tanks
  • Petrol Bowsers
  • Plastic Bunded Waste Oil Tank
  • Harlequin Waste Oil Tanks
  • Atlas Waste Oil Tanks
  • DESO Waste Oil Tanks
  • Steel Waste Oil Tank Range
  • Diesel transfer pumps
  • Manual hand pumps.
  • 12v and 24v pumps and pump kits
  • 110V, 230V, 400V Pumps
  • Water Bowser Range
  • Highway Tow
  • Site Tow
  • Skid Bowsers
  • Water Bowser Pumps & Options
  • Plant watering water bowser
  • Pressure Washer water bowser
  • Water bowsers for dust control
  • On-demand pump for water bowser
  • AdBlue Storage Tanks
  • AdBlue dispensing tanks
  • Transport, Portable Water Tank
  • Rainwater Harvesting System
  • Harlequin Rainstation Range
  • Rainwater Harvesting Equipment
  • Water Tanks
  • Enduramaxx water Tanks
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Non Potable Water Tanks
  • Underground water tanks
  • Water Pumps
  • Booster pumps, press regulator
  • Pressure Washer Range
  • Pressure Washers, Electric
  • Petrol Pressure Washers
  • Diesel Pressure Washers
  • Hydraulic Pressure washers
  • Pressure Washer Guns, Lances a
  • Specialist Cleaning Equipment
  • Oil & Diesel Tank Accessories
  • Tank Gauges
  • Flow Meters
  • Oil Tank Outlet Kit
  • Filters & elements, diesel fuel
  • Tank Locks and Security
  • Spill control and containment
  • Grit Bins

Further details about just some of our products can be seen below:

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