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Our carousel vertical storage units mean you can make the most of the space available at your organisation. Storage space can be expensive. Carousel vertical storage units and systems can improve your setup and enhance your operations.

Vertical carousels have very small footprints and can maximise the headroom of any space and building. Vertical storage units offer an efficient solution to gain high-volume storage space for a range of applications. Carousels can help store, without risk, small components, finished goods or electronic parts.  



We offer a range of services for your carousel storage machinery. Whatever your needs of requirements we can help. We provide a number of maintenance contracts as well as the supply of refurbished carousels.

We can also arrive and remove any surplus vertical storage units you have, and relocate vertical storage units for you.

Our carousels provide many storage space solutions. We also offer breakdown cover, modifications and repairs. 


Carousel Storage Machining

We have over 20 years of professional experience of installing, relocating and maintaining carousel and lift storage systems. We provide a thorough service encompassing all your carousel storage machining needs. We even source new or refurbished carousels for you, saving you time and more money.

Our carousel storage machining resources can help any sized organisation and business for a range of industry sectors. We have provided help on units and systems for companies that have at least 20 different machines and companies that are a lot smaller who have only a few machines.

Refurbished Vertical Carousel Units

We offer a refurbished vertical carousel units service providing units fully reconditioned to an exceptional standard. They offer excellent cost-efficient solutions for your business and come with full guarantees and service maintenance options.

Our refurbished vertical carousel units are improved by our own expert engineers who carry out installation and transportation of these units across the UK. They can also be called upon to provide emergency breakdown service on any unit. 

Relocate Storage Carousels and Lifts

We can relocate storage carousels and lifts no matter what the size of model to a new place. We can relocate units within the same company or anywhere in the European Union ,and provide a full site survey in line with HSE regulations and offer a full Method Statement.

We relocate storage carousels and lifts to any requirement and aim to fulfil our customers arrangements the best we can. 

Carousel Specialists

Our company was formed in 2002 to offer specialist maintenance and mechanical cover to all storage machinery. We have dealt with an ever-increasing number of carousel owners since then and our carousel specialist knowledge has grown extensively.

All our engineers are carousel specialists and have a range of experiences maintaining, servicing and repairing a variety of storage units and machines.

We resolutely believe that by employing skilled people and specialising our efforts on supporting the carousel machine community, we can provide an unopposed service that is reliable and sets the standard for carousel care and solutions.

Carousel Supplies

Our carousel supplies can be purchased by companies across the UK and we are always on hand to offer advice. You can veiw the carousels and supplies we have available in our website.

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