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World leaders in development & supply of surface preparation equipment, spares, accessories and services

The SPE Group of companies encompasses a range of industries specialising in the development, production and distribution of world leading surface preparation equipment products.

From concrete to steel, our products are designed to tackle the most demanding surfaces quickly and efficiently. Autoblasts, surface grinders, polishers, mixers and hand tools - whatever your need, we have the products, skills and service to take the complexity out of any surface preparation task with reliability and cost effectiveness.

Contracting Services Lincoln

Worldwide contracting service that operates 7 days a week.

The SPE Group offers a full range of contracting services to customers via SPE Contracting. There are many situations in which customers prefer surface preparation tasks be under taken on their behalf by a highly qualified, competent and efficient workforce - and as a worldwide service, SPE Contracting excels.   SPE Contracting utilise the full range of SPE equipment for the highest standard of dust free surface preparation in the United Kingdom, Europe and locations around the world and is considered the largest company of its kind having a financial investment in plant and equipment exceeding £1,0000,000.   Operating 7 days a week carrying out varying types of preparation work from concrete to steel - our operatives have an in depth knowledge gained over many years in the industry. Our Management team alone collectively have over 100 years of involvement in our industry and this knowledge is paramount in the delivery of a professional service.   For more information, visit SPE Contracting

Surface Preparation, Techniques, Methodology and Products Training

As more SPE equipment is available in the worldwide market the necessity has arisen for SPE to make customers more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using specific items of equipment, as well as how to use it safely and efficiently.

SPE Group offers comprehensive training in all aspects of SPE equipment via the Surface Preparation Training School. The school offers both customers and end users the opportunity of learning and discussing with experienced members of staff both the technical and application value of each piece of equipment as well as 'hands-on' experience in the use of equipment. Specific courses are also offered for the training of customers sales staff, electricians and mechanical engineers and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any client.   The Surface Preparation Training School is renowned for its excellence in both quality and content of provided courses and is regularly utilised by customers from all over the world.   More comprehensive information can be found at SPE Training.

Dust Control Vacuums

Correct Vacuum Equipment is essential in many surface preparation tasks to ensure safe working conditions

The SPE range of Dust Control Vacuums provides robust, powerful machines designed to control dust in the most demanding conditions.

All SPE Dust Control Vacuums are suitable for general cleaning work when fitted with suitable floor tools.

HCA Systems

For more demanding surface preparation tasks that require an element of heat, SPE HCA (Hot Compressed Air) systems are ideal

The SPE Pedestrian System is a unique, self contained design negating the need for separate air compressor. 

Ideal for the treatment of oil impregnated concrete floors, the HCA pedestrian System is even powerful and versatile enough to clean and heat road joints

Hand Tools for Surface Preparation

When large surface areas have been prepared, SPE have the tools to deal with the smaller, inaccessible areas

SPE stocks a large range of hand tools, grinders, and attachments allowing contractors to complete small surface preparation tasks quickly and efficiently. 

All are carefully designed and filed tested to ensure maximum performance and extended life cycle.

Pneumatic Tools

SPE Pneumatic Tools - delivering performance, flexibility and scale ability

SPE offers a comprehensive range of Pneaumatic Tools effective in a multitude of surface preparation tasks.

From Needle Scalers to Scaling Hammers, preparation tasks in even hard to reach areas is made simple and efficient.

Autoblast Equipment

From concrete to Steel - SPE Autoblast products are manufactured to provide high quality finishes both quickly and efficiently.

SPE are specialists when it comes to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. Our Autoblast range of products are quickly being recognised in both industrial and environmental sectors as leading the way in fast, versatile and dust free methods for surface preparation.

The range includes electrically powered products (both single and 3 phase varieties for the more demanding tasks), as well as the more specialised Roadabrator D16 - ideal for multi storey car parks, roads, bridge decks and airport runways.

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