Specialised Designs Ltd

With road haulage costs at an all-time high, a small Warrington engineering company revealed this week that they have perfected an anti-syphon device that is totally tamper proof. Yet it is so easy to fit - in seconds - that they are supplying them to transport firms by carriage delivery.

Specialised Designs Ltd, a subsidiary of Croft Engineering Services of Warrington, Cheshire, claim a breakthrough with their invention, which is intriguing the road haulage industry. Already one of Britain¿s leading lorry manufacturers is conducting its own tests of the patent-pending device.

"Once our device has been fitted into the fuel filler neck it can never be removed, so the fuel tank is totally tamper proof," claimed director Neil Burns, "Yet, unlike rival devices, no tools, riveting, welding or adhesives are required. Anyone can fit it in seconds, - not minutes."

"In fact the device is so simple that we sell them by special delivery to keep costs down. It is made from stainless steel and the mechanism allows for any re-tightening, in seconds and without tools."

Neil continued: "A major British lorry manufacturer has taken a whole batch which we had delivered. They reported no fitting problems, and, to date, no mysteriously high fuel usage figures. So they are more than happy to continue testing our device."

"We've invented our own stopper to fuel siphoning problems because transport costs have become enormous. Potentially, there is an enormous market for our device in lorries and trucks."
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