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We are all aware of the importance of correctly stored bulk stocks of liquids that could present a risk of contaminating the environment in the event of spillage or accidents. Although many bulk storage tanks/vessels are located within a secondary bund containment area, it has been brought to our attention that in many cases the catchment area, although able to contain a spillage in the event of an accident, have not in fact been constructed with materials that are fully resistant to the chemicals or products stored in the tanks or vessels located within the secondary containment areas, therefore there is still a risk to the environment.

It is essential that all liquid materials are stored correctly and safely and in the event of spillage or an accident, aggressive and harsh chemicals will be contained in the catchment area and recovered with the minimum of losses.

Tank Lining

Specialist Coatings (GB) Ltd carry out surface preparation, application and testing an extensive range of tank lining products which are designed to meet every corrosion and containment challenge. The refurbishment or lining of an existing tank is more cost effective than replacing a tank and certainly more environmentally friendly.

A minute hole in the internal protective lining of an aggressive chemical bulk storage tank can rapidly become an extremely serious problem. It is potentially very dangerous to personnel and the environment and could lead to product loss and wastage.

Any contamination of food or drink stored in a process vessel with a substandard internal surface could necessitate the disposal of the entire production batch or permanently give your client a lower impression of the standard of your product than it really deserves.

Water Tank Lining

Corrosion and scale formation in a water tank if left untreated not only weakens the structure of a tank can also harbour bacterial growth which could prove harmful to the water stored within the tank.

Our water tank lining system is the most effective way to stop the problems of corrosion when the tank has started to deteriorate.

We offer a cost effective solution for the in-situ lining of existing cold water tanks that would either be too expensive or impractical to replace.

Brewery Tank Lining

Although many sites in the UK now have stainless steel tanks, recently we have been approached by a few breweries to make localised repairs to a number of carbon steel tanks that have epoxy, phenolic or vitreous glass linings.

It is a well-known fact that tanks or vessels used in breweries and other areas of the food and beverage industry with defective internal linings are more difficult to clean, can be prone to bacterial infection and could be putting your beer or product at risk of contamination.

International Tank Lining Service

We offer a comprehensive international tank lining and tank coating service, or part tank lining, service to almost anywhere in the World. Part tank lining, is often used for the repair of bulk fuel storage tanks where the tank floor or the bottom section of a tank has been damaged or corroded by water condensate settling on the floor of the tank. When treating a tank floor, normally we would extend the treatment to include the 1m to 1.5m of the lower tank wall.

Typically the part tank lining treatment, tank floors, would be applied on site to bulk fuel storage tanks, such as aviation fuel tanks, bulk diesel fuel tanks and bulk petrol storage tanks.

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