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We are an established company founded by ex-manufacturer engineers with a vast array of experience in secure power engineering. We believe in providing high quality service at realistic prices, and giving honest solutions to our clients problems.

Our technical knowledge is renowned within the industry and we have many years of manufacturer experience.

We are an international company servicing clients in many worldwide locations and we have the ability to respond globally at short notice.

Our aim is to provide a turnkey solution from sale of equipment to hassle free maintenance.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

As an independent distributor of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS systems and other standby power products and services, we can provide a wide range of equipment, systems and support.

We can give you unbiased advice on what is the ‘best of breed’ for all requirements - irrespective of manufacturer.

We can offer you a UPS range from as small as 300VA (for a small desktop PC) to several MVA (for the largest of Data Centers or very large loads). There are different technologies available to give various levels of power conditioning, again we can give you advice on what is best for you.

If long power outages are a threat to your operation we can offer diesel generators to provide continuous back up for the UPS, air-conditioning and other essential loads such as lifts, lighting etc.

We can supply stand-alone UPS or generators. However, should you require a turnkey complete standby power package we can offer a complete service from site survey, detailed proposal, project management, installation, commissioning and complete lifetime support.

We can now also offer whole-site externally sited UPS protection for sensitive power-dependant sites such as manufacturing plants and larger data centres.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Single Phase UPS Products

Some smaller units can also be known as pluggable UPS. Up to 3KVA they are also known as ‘plug and play’ UPS – 3KVA UPS are the largest UPS that can be plugged into a standard 13 Amps supply.

Single phase UPS do not normally go above 20KVA because their input power requirement is sometimes impractical due to mains incomer limitations (at 15KVA a 100Amps mains supply would be required); or the cable sizing which would be required to handle the high current levels on both the input and output of the UPS.

They can be either mounted in either a 19’’ rack or be floor standing (it is important to specify which version is required); although some UPS are known as RT models. These can be configured in both rack and tower mode.

They can be as small as 300VA which would be sufficient to supply a conventional desk-top PC; up to 20KVA for a relatively small server room.

They are available in the following technologies, which denote the differing levels of voltage conditioning required;

Off-line UPS
These provide little, or no, voltage conditioning other than to provide some back-up power in the event of either: mains failure, long power sag or surge.

Line-interactive UPS
These also protect against under voltage and over voltage without going into battery mode.

On-line UPS
These are also known as ‘double conversion’ UPS and provide 100% voltage conditioning. They rectify the AC mains into a DC voltage which is connected to an inverter input to provide a good clean AC waveform for the UPS output.

Single Phase UPS Products

Three Phase UPS Products

Three-phase UPS will have a three phase input supply (415V in the UK). However, they may have either a three or single phase output (depending on the customer’s requirement) - although it is more usual to have both three phase input and output UPS.

These are the bigger members of the UPS family and are designed to share their power requirements over the three main incomer phases.

Three phase UPS will normally start around 10KVA and go up to several MVA if they are connected in parallel.

With three phase UPS requirements there are a variety of options available, including:

* SNMP adaptors
* Remote monitoring,
* N+N redundancy,
* 10 year design life batteries
* External maintenance bypass

We can provide all of these and more.

We can offer a turnkey package for these large requirements including:

* Site survey
* Project management
* Civil works if required
* Installation and cabling
* On-site battery-build, if required
* Commissioning
* Maintenance packages tailored to suit your individual needs

Three Phase UPS Products

UPS Batteries

Specialist Power can provide replacement batteries for all UPS systems. If you are looking to increase or decrease your battery back-up time or improve the resilience of your systems we can design a solution that meets your requirements.

Batteries are offered on a supply only basis or a comprehensive solution which includes supply, installation and disposal of the existing batteries.


Generators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Specialist Power Systems Ltd can supply, install and maintain generators for all requirements; whether it is for a few KVA or several MVA. Most large generators are diesel powered; however, we can also supply gas turbine sets, if required for larger operations.

For small and medium generators it is also possible to supply units powered by mains gas.

Our generators can be installed either inside a building with the appropriate exhaust ducting and air intake, or outside with acoustic and weather-proof enclosures.

We can supply, install and maintain all sizes of generator.

Call us for a free site survey and consultation


UPS Service

Specialist Power Systems Ltd has a team of highly trained experts in the UPS, Generator and Auxiliary Power industry. We can offer UPS maintenance & repair, help, advice, equipment and service contracts for all requirements and support from ‘cradle to grave’.

For instance; if you have a new complex requirement and need expert help we can offer the following:

* Consultation on what you need
* Site surveys
* A detailed technical proposal
* Discussions before final decision
* Project Management
* Civil works
* Installation
* On-site battery build
* Commissioning
* Load bank testing
* Disposal of any old equipment
* Warranty upgrade packages
* Maintenance
* Remote monitoring
* Engineers on call for emergency support

If you have an existing system, we can support you with the following:

* UPS maintenance and repair
* Health checks on the system
* Battery change
* Fault finding
* Load bank testing
* Maintenance contracts
* Engineers on call for emergency support

Above all we can offer you peace of mind!

UPS Hire

We have an extensive range of hire UPS available to meet your short and long term needs. Our hire stock is immediately available and can be installed and operational within 4 hours.

For more information call us now on 01234 851 155 or email sales@specialistpower.com

UPS Hire


At Specialist Power Systems we believe that the power supply and integrity of critical applications can only be safeguarded through a well maintained power protection system.

We offer a comprehensive selection of uninterruptible power supplies, generators and batteries for such systems as well as the services required to plan, install and maintain such systems.

We can offer the following:

* Independent help and advice on all auxiliary power requirements
* Free site visits and surveys
* Free consultancy on the best products for the requirement
* Best of breed products – independent of make or manufacturer
* Turnkey solution packages including installation (if required) and commissioning
* Project management
* Rigorous vetting of any sub-contractors
* Full service and support from our trained and highly-skilled engineers
* Remote monitoring of equipment
* Maintenance packages designed to suit individual needs and requirements

How to decide on what is right for you?

By contacting us at Specialist Power Systems Ltd you will have access to dedicated professionals with many years experience in auxiliary power solutions who can guide you through the maze of suppliers and different technologies. Working in close contact with our clients enables us to understand your requirements, as a result we can explain in detail the solutions we recommend and why, this way you get the right solution at the right price. If necessary, we will visit your site prior to submitting a proposal to assess what is required in terms of delivery, installation, commissioning and set up.

Here at Specialist Power we give you the confidence by not only offering a turnkey solution but also project-managing the job from the start to hand-over. When the installation is finished we can train you in its operation to give you additional confidence in its usage.

We would like to discuss with you the best way of supporting the system throughout its life and offer you the best value support package, backed by our own dedicated engineers to ensure the maximum possible system availability.

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Unlike other companies who sub-contract all their service and support requirements; we at Specialist Power Systems Ltd. have our own dedicated team offering complete service and support, day and night, throughout the year.

Our own team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers can offer the finest support and maintenance packages currently available. We can offer all of the following:

* Remote monitoring
* Health checks on all types of equipment
* Load bank testing
* Battery replacement and safe, certified disposal of old equipment
* Repair of UPS and generators
* Equipment relocation
* Equipment hire

We have a wide range of maintenance plans to suit all customer requirements - from simple repair to 24 hour, 365 days a year service contracts plus, if required, guaranteed response times to site. All our maintenance customers have access to our ‘open all hours’ customer support hot-line.

For temporary UPS requirements we keep a stock of UPS for hire ready to go out at very short notice.

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