Speciality Welds, part of the AIS Group


Experts to the welding industry

  • Welding Consultants/Technical Advice (marine, structural, special steels, bridges, pressure vessels, process pipe work) etc.
  • Training in all fusion welding process, i.e. MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and gas welding.
  • Manufactures of underwater welding consumables and equipment
  • Specialists welding and inspection services
  • Welder qualification/approval testing (all codes)
  • Suppliers of welding machines, diesel, electric for Mahe, Arc-Gen, Lincoln, Lastek
  • Official  Zurich Risk Services surveyors (UKAS/SAFed, accredited)

 World leaders in the manufacture of underwater welding/cutting consumables and welding equipment; including:

Welder Qualifications & Welding Procedure Approvals

  • BSEN 287-1
  • BSEN ISO 9606-2
  • BSEN ISO 15609-1
  • BSEN ISO 15614-1
  • AWS D.1.1
  • ASME 1X
  • CAA
  • BS 4872

and client specific.

Barracuda Gold

The Barracuda 'Gold' is a special rutile flux coated welding electrode with added nickel. It was developed to provide a high quality, cost effective electrode, that is easy to use for all structural steels. It has a special formulated clear polymer based waterproof coating, to ensure the maximum resistance to water and moisture penetration. The electrode allows for higher levels of misuse in its handling and care, and provides electrical insulation for improved diver safety. The electrodes are available in 3.2 and 4mm (1/8" and 5/32") and are boxed in plastic telescopic containers. See Technical Data.

Scorpion blue Oxy-Arc Cutting Lance

The Scorpion blue exothermic cutting lance has many uses in industry for both dry and wet applications alike, such as cutting steel bracings on offshore structures, pipelines, removing jetty and pier foundations, cutting through concrete cassions, vessels, propellers and other types of marine salvage. Each lance is constructed from a copper coated seamless steel tube 9.5mm (3/8") OD x 450mm (18") long. The tubes are all fitted with high visibility polyolefin tubing for easy of use and improved safety. All Scorpion cutting lances are packed to prevent oil and grease contamination. It will cut through the following materials with ease:

  • Plain carbon & low-alloyed steels
  • Cast irons
  • Stainless steels
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Concrete, rock, rope, wood and marine growth

Welding Stinger

Our new 'stinger' is the one and only electrode holder you will ever need. Its unique design allows for complete dismantling and replacement of all parts, on site, without the need for any special tools or training. The holder can also be adjusted for wear through it's patented design, which allows the main collet body to be turned.

Each full revolution moves the body up 1.0mm allowing for over 10mm of adjustment to be made. It has an overall length of 200mm (8"), a diameter of 40mm (11/2"). It's light (under 400g) and easy to use with a simple twist mechanism to tighten and release electrodes.

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Mobile Welding generators

We are please to offer a range of new and used/reconditioned engine driven welding plant.

This provides an excellent opportunity to acquire a generator at an affordable price.

All machines are serviced and checked for faults and can be part or fully reconditioned. Models from 150-500 amps available, with site tow, road tow, wheels and handles, or van mounted options available.

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