Specialized Fabrications Ltd


The Design, Manufacture and Installation of Architectural features is a key product for Specialized Fabrications. 
Our Design team can provide detailed structural verification by calculation & a 3D model for client &/or Architectural approval.

Often Architectural features provide a practical aspect to a construction project e.g. louvres providing an elegant sunshade

Screens, Bollards & Barriers

Screens, Bollards and Barriers complement our Metalwork Package expertise and provide a valuable accessory feature to a variety of construction projects 


Particularly during the last 10 years when apartments in towns & cities have become more fashionable, we have produced and installed a range of designs which improve the quality of life for residents 


We undertake the Design, Construction and Installation of a wide range of Canopy designs which provide Architectural enhancement whilst giving protection from the ‘elements’ 

Balustrades Mild Steel

Our success with Handrails & Balustrades has ensured that we are represented by many leading Architects, Designers & Clients.We pride ourselves on our ability to handle all types of installation, however complex & where integration with other trades is necessary, for example carpentry or glass, onsite liaison is undertaken.Tube rolling and bending especially of Stainless Steel and powder coated mild steel are specific areas where we have developed our expertise.In modern construction, complex & compound curves can provide flair and individuality to staircase handrails and balustrades; Specialized

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