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Specialty Gases are leading suppliers of calibration gas mixtures in non-refillable cylinders worldwide; these cylinders conform to the very latest international ISO standards

Specialty Gases : For the shipping industry, mining industry, food packaging and agriculture, chemical and petrochemical industry, health and safety departments, laboratories, research and development, process control, environmental and pollution control, and more.

Calibration check gas for: Gas detection equipment, gas analysers, gas detectors, gas chromatographs, process control analysers, environmental monitors, medical gas analysers, clinical analysers, breath monitors, gas leak detection and smoke alarm testing.

Gases for Testing

SPECIALTY GASES has been established for 35 years, and are suppliers of gases for testing and calibration of gas chromatographs, gas analysers, breath monitors, clinical analysers, leak detection and alarm testing etc.

Specialty Gases is a leading manufacturer and supplier of calibration gases in non-refillable cylinders globally. We became part of the Buse Group in 2012 and have made large investments into improving our facilities and expanding. We now have production facilities in the UK and mainland Europe and Distribution points in Singapore, South Africa, Greece and Romania.

Our solid background of experience in the industry means that our customers can trust us for the best advice and highest quality customer service possible. We are able to supply a full range of quality products quickly at competitive prices. Our staff has extensive experience of calibration gas mixtures and can give expert advice on packing and transportation to locations all over the world. Our cylinders conform to the latest international ISO standards.

Our gases are used in a wide variety of industries including shipping, mining, food packaging, health and safety, chemical and petrochemical, laboratories, process control and environmental monitoring. Their main use is for the calibration of equipment such as gas detection equipment, gas analysers for medical, clinical and process control use, gas chromatographs, breath monitors, gas leak detection and smoke alarm testing. 

Gases for Testing

OEM Labelling

Specialty Gases offer an in-house service for producing OEM labelling for manufacturers and distributors. Our OEM labelling enables you to provide important information on your products.

Our gasses are used in industries including:

  • Shipping
  • Mining
  • Food Packaging
  • Health and Safety
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Laboratory
  • Process Control
  • Environmental and Pollution Control
OEM Labelling

Gas cans

We offer a range of products such as gas cans, gas generators, gas mixtures and accessories. Our range of gas cans includes:

  • 5 litre S-Can
  • 20 litre S-Can
  • 34 litre S-Can
  • 58 litre S-Can
  • 110 litre S-Can
Gas cans

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