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SPiKE Imaging specialises in corporate and commercial photography services. Having worked with a considerable number of clients and gained some very commendable commercial photography testimonials the experience speaks for itself. With SPiKE Imaging you can partner with a creative and unique commercial photographer.

The approach is always to deliver high-quality photos that go beyond the normal and provide a fresh perspective for your brand. Having worked with leading image driven clients such as Mothercare, EAST Clothing and Spencer Hart Savile Row, SPiKE is capable of delivering only the very best.

Product Photography

Product photography is a fine art. You need to get it right in order to make sure that your product is shown in a compelling way to customers. This is particularly true for eCommerce photography and retail photography, where image is everything.

With one of the most experienced product photographers at your disposal you can make sure your images effectively reflect the qualities of your product. SPiKE Imaging’s ability to create winning product photography amongst other commercial image services has earned some notable product photography testimonials.

Photo Retouching

Many people think that photo retouching is a simple thing to do, in reality it’s a difficult art that requires considerable experience to pull off effectively. Luckily, SPiKE Imaging affords you and your business an expert retouch artist whose photo retouching skills form an important part of the overall SPiKE Imaging service.

Retouching and airbrushing photos is a challenge, but it’s one that SPiKE is able to rise to with ease having established an extensive photographer portfolio that illustrates this in addition to earning testimonials from satisfied clients for photographic retouching work.

The attention to detail provided by SPiKE’s retouching services is key to their effectiveness and success in creating high quality images.

The process of retouching and manipulation is crucial for an effective overall image – the skill SPiKE Imaging has delivers this. Edgy, cool and tailored to what you want – it’s all part of the overall SPiKE ethos of creating and enhancing amazing photos.

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