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We are a centrifugal pump manufacturer who have installed pumps and systems throughout the world, and provide customers with reliable and high integrity services. Our products are in use across a wide variety of industries including water and waste treatments, oil and gas and power generation. Our services are ISO 9001:2001 accredited and we continue to develop our quality standards to meet customer satisfaction.

As a centrifugal pump manufacturer, we provide applications for fire protection and mobile pumps for rental sectors. Our designs consider the environmental impact and we aim to prioritise the ecological elements of our products. For over 130 years, we have been providing the world with centrifugal pumps and systems and with a workforce of over 300 have sites operating in the UK, USA, South Africa, Dubai, and France.

Energy Saving Water Pumps

We recognise the emphasis needed on life costs for pumping schemes and this has lead to the development of energy saving water pumps. Many larger companies are now aware of the effects of their waste, and with the introduction of levies on CO2 emissions; they are working towards solutions to enhance efficient energy use and higher life expectancy of parts.

The idea behind our energy saving water pumps is to provide customers with a pumping solution and at the same time offering them the lowest total cost of ownership. The design of energy saving water pumps combines both solid and liquid handling pumps with finely tuned hydraulic forms. Our energy saving pumps can benefit applications in the water and waste treatment industry and general process and pumping services.

SPP Standard Products

SPP standard products have been designed and manufactured for easy replacement or integration with existing pumps and systems. Flexibility of design gives customers a greater range of material options, maintenance and stock holding. Our standard products include Thrustream, Aquastream, Instream, Eurostream, and Unistream.

SPP standard products are combined with outstanding modular designs and although they are manufactured as standard items, they blend high quality capabilities and design to create a range of adaptable products tailored to suit a variety of requirements.

Split Case Pumps

Our ranges of Lowest Life-Cycle Cost series have split case pumps designed to meet the demands of the modern pump user. They are combined with three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics to ensure exceptional performance. At the same time, they significantly reduce internal re-circulation and power consumption.

The materials used to construct split case pumps have been upgraded in order to offer users with a product at the lowest cost of ownership with long life expectancy. Split case pumps can be used in applications such as booster pumping, water extraction, petrochemical utility duties, and hot water circulation.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Our vertical turbine pumps are integrated with many of our quality standard features to facilitate improved maintenance. They have a spacer coupling between the thrust bearing assembly and seal chamber in order to allow the cartridge mechanical seal to be removed. This can be done without demolishing the headpiece or without removing the driver.

Vertical turbine pumps also have a removable keyed muff type coupling. These can also be disassembled with a reduced risk of damage to costly component parts. Vertical turbine pumps are constructed in high-grade materials combined with advanced hydraulics. They can be used in water treatment and supply, borehole deep well extraction, condensation extraction, and drainage and irrigation.

Multi Stage Pumps

Multi stage pumps can be supplied horizontal or vertical and are manufactured to be durable with a reduced through-life cost and easy maintenance. Multi stage pumps are designed with high-grade materials, and generously rated bearings offer a rugged component to satisfy the needs of heavy duty application.

Multi stage pumps can be utilised in steel manufacture, municipal water supply, reverse osmosis, and sprinkler irrigation. They have rigid, durable baseplates to inhibit distortion and advanced hydraulics to minimise running costs and increase effectiveness.

Pump Condition Monitoring

To help reduce the ownership costs of capital equipment, it is essential to consider pump condition monitoring. Inadequate monitoring can affect the mechanical and economic performance of equipment. In pump condition monitoring, the sooner a failure is diagnosed the more you will save on costs and downtime.

In depth, condition monitoring will alert you to pump wear, operating efficiency and help to emphasise any irregularities. Dealing with potential issues like these will help minimise energy consumption and cut operating costs. Our pump condition monitoring detects, analyses and evaluates performances such as bearing vibration levels, bearing element damage, bearing operating temperatures, driver alignment conditions, and residual unbalances.

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